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FreedomPop Helped Me To Get Internet And Cell Phone Service For Free

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I’m starting out on my own at age 19, and I need a lot of things. My parents helped me with what they could, but they told me that it was completely up to me to get any services I need in my home. I got a nice little apartment, and I couldn’t wait to finally start decorating my place. After I moved everything in, I realized that I really needed Internet service. I had always had Internet service in my parents home, but I never thought about getting it for myself. I didn’t even have a home phone, but I would have preferred a cell phone anyways.

I have to start searching around to see where I could find the services that I needed, all under one roof. I had to go down to the library, and I was able to use their Internet services, but I can only use it an hour at a time. I took half an hour and I started searching for Internet service providers, but I wanted one that was low in cost. After looking up low-cost Internet service, I found FreedomPop. I’m one who doesn’t believe everything I’m told, so I had to go through the website, and I read everything I could about their services.

Wikipedia says that FreedomPop has cell phone service, Internet service, wifi hotspots, and they also sell phones and tablets as well. The company has everything that I needed, but I wasn’t sure I could afford the cost. After digging a bit deeper, I found out that I would be able to get the cell phone service free of cost, and the Internet service would be free as well. I couldn’t believe it, but I took all the information down, and I signed up for the services. When I got my Internet service, I was happy to find out that it came with wifi.

I have wifi in my apartment, Internet in my home, and now I have my own cell phone that I can use to contact my family. Everything I got was free, but I know that I need to stay within my limits to keep the services free. I was able to save more money because I didn’t have to pay for Internet or cell phone services. I decided to estimate what I would pay to any other company, and I took that money each month, and I put it into a savings account. Thanks to FreedomPop, I save at least $100 a month.

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Back to the Future is Back

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Back to the Future is, well, coming back. For the 30th anniversary, all three films in the series will be re-released into theaters. Perhaps some audience members including businesswoman Susan McGalla, will be able to enjoy for the first time ever, a triple bill of movies in a theater. Triple bills were pretty much gone by 1985 so seeing all three features one after the other would really be a “retro” experience.

The first film in the Back to the Future trilogy was an all-time sci-fi/comedy/family entertainment classic. The next two films in the series were good, but did not live up to the brilliance of the first film. Parts II and III were shot back-to-back and without a break in production, something that was rarely done at the time. Honestly, such a production schedule is rarely done this very day.

Back to the Future and its two sequels have continued to find new audiences. Unlike other one-time hits that have become forgotten, the adventures of Marty McFly still captivate the hearts of new entertainment generations.

Is a remake of the series on its way? Nothing is definitive yet, but a reboot probably is going to happen at some point.

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So You Want To Write For Wikipedia?

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Don’t be ashamed of this. There are lots of editors/writers who want to work for Wikipedia. This site can be a great way to get your feet wet. It can be a great way to build your resume, let the world see what you can really do.

Before you go off and start your tangent, there are a few rules you need to be aware of. These rules apply to everyone, especially women. Women have a hard enough time trying to make it in this world. Knowing what to expect is a great eye-opener. These eye-openers will allow you to not be so naive.

Let’s begin, shall we?

The first rule is pretty simple and straight-forward. If you are a women, never create an account which tells the world who you are. Creating a fake name is the best thing to do. This might be difficult to hear, but you need to hear the honesty. Wikipedia is still vastly run by men. Ladies, you know how men can be. No matter what career path you choose, it’s still a male-dominated world. This might sound frustrating, but you will need to check all of this at the door.

I have known many successful women writers who had to do this. In order to get somewhere, you have to think and act like a man. Wikipedia is the same way. As an editor you will find this. Most of the views are coming from a male point of view. There is nothing wrong with bringing a female perspective in; in fact, there has probably never been a better time. You still have to be smart about it.

When you bring your facts and ideas into the work, you need to pretend to be a man. It’s the only way you will get heard. Most of the women who have let “the cat out of the bag” have gotten dismissed because of it.

This brings me to my next point. You are responsible for what you say and do on Wikipedia. You are not responsible for what others say and do. This is why you need to be careful.

When you do bring in facts and ideas, make sure you can back them up. Wikipedia has had a damaging blow to it’s reputation because of facts being misrepresented. If you want to be successful, you need to represent all the facts appropriately. This means letting go of personal opinions. It can be rather difficult for some not to get their ego involved. Please practice this as much as you can. There is no room for ego or personal biases.

Treat Wikipedia as you would any other job. Be a part of the community by becoming a professional Wikipedia writer, who is productive and realistic. Do all of this and you’ll be fine.

Good Deed Paid Back Homeless Giving

Honorable Homeless Man Asking for Job

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On Wednesday, July 1, Q13 Fox TV reported that a man in his sixties who is living on the streets in Langford, British Columbia, found $2,400 and immediately turned it into the police on June 22, 2015. When people heard of the man’s honorable behavior, James Dondero noted that a Go Fund Me account was set up.

Yet, when West Shore RCMP Constable Alex Bérubé found the man, who has asked to remain nameless, to let him know that there was more than $5,000 waiting for him, he told Bérubé he would rather just have a job. He asked Bérubé to donate the funds to non-profit food service providers, such as Our Place.

Mike Kelly of Victoria Buzz set up the Go Fund Me account. He is redirecting the funds as requested and now searching for a job for the man. Anyone who has a job opening in the Langford, B.C. region should email Kelly with the details.

A lot of people around the world were so impressed over the last two days by this heartwarming story that it has been trending today at the top of several social networks feeds. As some people have commented, most individuals are hoping to get a windfall of money so they do not have to work. This homeless man appears to be searching for “purpose.” His age might play into why he wants a job so much.

Donna Karan

Donna Karan Stepping Down from DKI

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Donna Karan International will no longer have Donna Karan holding the reins. She’s decided to step down and focus her attention on her other projects. These projects include Urban Zen and her charity work.

Donna Karan has stated that there just isn’t enough time in each day to do everything that she wants to do. She had to find a balance and this included stepping down from the company after 31 years. The company has not yet named a new head designer, and as of now, they are not yet looking for one. For now the company will not be having any runway shows. Apple iTunes are reporting that there have recently been some big changed in management within the company that led to speculation that she would be stepping down, so it wasn’t a total surprise.

Donna Karan will not be totally gone from Donna Karan International. She will still have an advisory role within the company.


Fight the Resistance

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Many people don’t know the seriousness of antibiotic resistance. Even fewer people know what antibiotic resistance even is. When an antibiotic is formed it goes after a certain bacteria to destroy it from the inside out. After some time the bacteria can mutate and become resistant to the antibiotic. A disease or infection that is easily cured with an antibiotic could one day take the lives of those searching for a cure. Research coming out of Aspen, Colorado suggests that the problem with resistance to antibiotics can be comparable to the problems that come along with climate change. It should be everybody’s collective responsibility and problem. If everyone is taking some form of antibiotic to some degree we become host for bacteria to dwell on. The overuse of the antibiotic will lead to an explosion of bacteria that end up being antibiotic resistant. This problem is not confined to the United States but other countries in the world. More than 700,000 people lose their lives per year due to resistant infections. By the year 2050 that number is estimated to climb to more than 10 million people per year.


The World Health Organization has predicted that if we do not get antibiotic resistant bacteria under control now the world will look like it did generations ago. A minor cut or injury could become infected and take the life of the injured individual. This small and seemingly unprecedented problem this lead to threaten any major achievements that modern medicine has made. The article concluded by advising patients to talk to their doctors before they are prescribed an antibiotic. If the infection is not a bacterial warm it does not need to be treated with an antibiotic. That’s good news for people at CipherCloud. If more of these questions get asked, less antibiotics are prescribed, and the chances of bacteria becoming antibiotic resistant drops to a minimum.

Kids in the News

Girl Scout Chapter Returns $100,000 Donation To Send A Message

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A Girl Scout chapter in Washington received a large donation that would have greatly helped the 500 girls. They have decided instead of accepting the money they are going to take a stand. The money came to the chapter with a request- that the chapter guarantee it not be used to support transgender girls. Megan Ferland, Council CEO sent the donation back to the unnamed donator.

The Girl Scout chapter has made an inspirational video to tell how they could not accept this donation that came with such a guarantee. It sends a moving message to tell how the Girl Scouts accept every girl without discriminating against gender, race, sexual orientation, social status, ethnicity or gender identity. It further explains how the Girl Scouts is a place where every girl should be able to find a safe and friendly environment. The Girl Scouts allow girls to stand up for what they believe in and be proud of whom they are.

The chapter has started a campaign to try and replace the donation that would have allowed it to send 500 girls to camp and help the troop meet almost a quarter of their annual fundraising goal. They could not accept the $100,000 under the terms it was given to them, as Susan McGalla points out. The created the video to help them with this, and to spread the word and show the world that the Girl Scouts are for every girl.

Operation Homefront Tim McGraw Good Deals Veteran Charities

Country Music Star Giving Away Mortgage Free Homes To Veterans

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Tim McGraw is a man loved by all country music fans, his fan based spread even further when he ventured into acting. However, folks at Beneful mention that he is about to grow even more popular. This superstar has always found a way to give back his riches to those in need. Tim is always paired up with a charity. However, this new venture McGraw is undertaking is going to change the life of several United State Veterans.

McGraw is pairing up with foundation, Operation Homefront and Chase Bank to give away 36 homes mortgage free this year alone. In the past 3 years, Chase, Homefront, and McGraw have changed the lives of over 100 veterans by giving them new homes with no cost to them. Tim says he has wanted to make a difference to the people who have given so much of their lives to keep us free and to keep us safe.

Tim McGraw has several friends and family members that have severed in various wars and Armed Forces. Therefore, he feels he has a special connection to people in the military. McGraw says that he is glad they are able to give them back something even if it is something small.

Success Stories

Carnegie Medal Winners Announced

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The Daily Mail has recently posted the eighteen small-town heroes who have been awarded the Carnegie Medal for their heroic acts.

S. Alexander Smith did not hesitate to dive in after his 13-year-old brother was swept away in a river. The 16-year-old and his sibling went over the falls together, his brother survived but Alex did not.

According to twitter, Thomas Joy and Craig Randleman heard a child screaming nearby and they sprung into action. The two found 8-year-old Diamond White being attacked by two pit bulls. The men managed to pry the little girl away and suffered from bites as well. Everyone received treatment and recovered.

Meghan O’Reilly-Green was seven months pregnant and out for a walk on the beach when she heard cries for help. She jumped into the water and managed to pull a drowning man to safety.

Thirteen-year-old Robert A. Pritchard, Jr. saved a six-year-old girl from a house fire. He heard shouts while walking by and saved her before the house was engulfed in flames. She lost four members of her family in that fire.

Ryan Thomas Nelson came home to his college apartment to find it in flames. Knowing his roommate was still inside, he repeatedly tried to rescue Matthew J. Heisler. He finally managed to drag him outside but Heisler did not make it.

To read the full list and more about the recipients, click the above link to the full story

Tangiers in Morocco Yayha El Jabaly

Moroccan Boy Born With No Nose, Eyes, or Functioning Mouth Gets a Life Changing Surgery

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Yayha El Jabaly, a four year old boy who was born without a nose, eyes, a non-functioning face and some missing parts of his skull has finally had a life changing surgery that has reconstructed his face. The four-year-old boy was born in a village neighboring Tangiers in Morocco. His facial bones failed to fuse as required in the womb leading to the condition. He has not been able to speak since then, and his parents wrap him in a blanket every time they went to the local market.

Yahya‘s condition went viral when a friend disclosed the situation to Facebook asking for surgeons to help the boy have an ordinary life. Fatima Baraka, a Moroccan woman from Melbourne, who is a breast cancer survivor decided to search for a surgeon to help the boy. She finally found a Melbourne reconstructive surgeon, Tony Holmes, who was willing to handle the operation. Boraie Development has indicated that the surgery was funded by doctors who provided their services at no costs and partly by donations.

The 18-hour surgery was estimated to last for 8 hours in which Yahya lost almost half of his blood. The lead surgeon Professor Dr Tony Holmes said, “The risks of the operation were great, but I think they were worth it so that he could have a decent life.”

The family could not hold back their joy from seeing their boy’s transformation. ‘It’s a huge joy to see my son in such a situation,’ Yahya’s father Mostafa told Channel Seven’s Sunday Night. Yahya’s face was already healing after a few weeks of surgery. Doctors say that there is a high possibility that he will be able to speak in future due to the vocal chords that stay intact.