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Bruce Levenson: Beyond Basketball.

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Bruce Levenson may be best known as the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team, but there is so much more to the man than simply basketball. Bruce is both an industry leader and noted philanthropist. His first foray into business was co-founding United Communications Group (UCG). This small company, originally run from Bruce’s apartment back in 1977, started as publisher of an oil industry magazine. UCG won it’s first award for editorial excellence the very next year in 1978, and since then has pulled in well over a hundred more. The company grew under Bruce’s guidance, becoming a multinational information giant, still reporting on the energy industry but also adding to its repertoire special reports and analysis of the healthcare, mortgage banking, and defense industries, among a slew of others, and even operating the famous GasBuddy app to help drivers find the best rate on gasoline. In a similar vein, Bruce on ajc was one of the founding board members of TechTarget, another successful multinational company, in this case focusing on marketing in the fast-paced IT industry.
Bruce is a passionate philanthropist as well, donating money to organizations such as the “I have a Dream” Foundation, which helps underprivileged children pursue higher education, or PeacePlayers, an international organization that brings kids together to learn and develop leadership skills while playing basketball. The SEED Foundation, which operates boarding-schools designed to help underprivileged kids prepare for college, is another of the many beneficiaries of Bruce’s financial support; it would be difficult to understate Bruce’s dedication to providing equal access to education for all students. Additionally, Bruce and his wife Karen founded the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management, which offers classes to undergrads that culminate in $10,000 being awarded to a non-profit chosen by the students themselves. The Center’s alumni have take positions all over the non-profit sector, from Big Brothers Big Sisters to the Smithsonian. None of this would have been possible without Bruce Levenson’s support.
Bruce also cares deeply about his own roots: he helped to fund the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s Bring the Lessons Home program, an initiative which brings the history of the Holocaust to public high school students. He even brought his team, the Atlanta Hawks, to visit the museum in 2014. Back in 2013, Bruce was one of a hundred Jewish-American business and political leaders to pen a joint letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to work with Secretary of State John Kerry, even suggesting that Netanyahu should be willing to trade territory for peace. Clearly, Bruce is a man whose concerns and skills range much farther than basketball.


How to Be a Successful Business Woman in Today’s World

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Susan McGalla started her profession at Joseph Horne Company, where she executed her duties in different marketing and managerial positions from 1986 to 1994. Later in the year she joined American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla began her career at American Eagle in a position of divisional merchandise buyer for female outfits. She worked at the firm in different management duties up to the time she become the company’s president and chief merchandising officer. In January 2009, McGalla made an exit in American eagle industry and turned into a private advisor for the retail and financial investment businesses. McGalla established p3 executive consulting, and she is the director of strategic planning and growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In business women too can be successful the same way men can. In reality, on various occasions, women can do better in some ventures than what men can do. For instance, all businesses that entails direct interaction with associates, customers, and even workers, when can do much better in this area because they tend to be much friendly and enduring than men. On that note not every woman can do well in business; it entails uphill struggle and definite natural traits. Below are some guidelines on how to be a successful businesswoman.

Finding your area

For you to be a successful business lady, you must first get a field or role that is suitable for your skills. It is always difficult than it may look to be, and it might take you quite a long period. Understanding yourself and also being practical to your skillfulness, is important as it gives a self-reflection and also trying and failing is crucial. A successful lady is lively in the field or role that she passionately loves.

Acquiring the experience

Each and every entrepreneur who has succeeded in his or her ventures has at some point earned skills before they start their own business. Several have obtained this experience by operating directly in that field. Whether they were holding superior positions or were just mere workers. Ahead of becoming successful business lady you must have done some work in a particular area sufficient to have the knowledge of how things work. Various business ladies begin business enterprise that they have never tried before, but these kinds of women are not that many.

Working hard

For you to achieve your goals in business as a lady, you need to work pretty harder. Many determined women are work very hard for them to meet their objectives, so this necessity is not much demoralizing. It is crucial since your labors and determination will be invested in the appropriate area, or else achievement will be coming at a slow pace that it will not be worth the sacrifice you have given out. Workers come into place; you must hire qualified people for you to achieve your goals. You must do this from the beginning.

Getting along with employees

A successful business lady needs to be respected by her workers if the enterprise is to succeed. Employing the suitable people is very vital in this case. Several problems with the boss and workers come up not of wickedness or bad will, but merely because individuals in question have various characters and cannot get along. Such issues can be evaded if you employ people that you have a feeling that you can trust, particularly the ones that somebody recommended to you.


The Success of Eric Pulier

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When we speak of success it can be measured in many ways. Some believe that success is measured as a matter of money or business conquests. Others believe that success is measured by how generous a man is and how many people he helps in his life. Still others hold that true success is measured by counting the number of people he loves and loves him back.

Well, no matter how one measures success, Eric Pulier has achieved it. Mr. Pulier has been very successful in business and has amassed a nice nest egg for himself and his children. He is the Vice President and General Manager of Computer Sciences Corporation. He is also the founder of PDT and Digital Evolutions.

He has been involved with many different Presidential (White House) initiatives. These have focused specifically on the integration of technology with the health care delivery sector. Eric Pulier is also responsible for the creation of cloud services that aid companies to access and use information technology as a service from both inside and from exterior sources. This innovation has aided many companies in being more productive and saving money.

Mr. Pulier is also very generous. He has worked hard to bring camp experiences to disabled children as well as donating both time and money to education software that helps disabled children progress through school. He also donates his expertise (and money) to helping other young entrepreneurs get their own businesses off the ground.

Finally, if success is measured through compassion and friends, Mr. Pulier has this as well. Four lovely children look up to and respect him. He also has many different contacts from his home state in New Jersey as well as in his new home state California.

He is sought after by many an organization to speak at their functions. He has made many appearances at a wide variety of technology conferences. All of this does not even count the numerous friends that he has amassed through his high school and college years.

Eric Pulier showed his unique talents in the technology field when he started programming computers in the fourth grade. By the time he was in high school he had started his own database company. Going on to Harvard, he would earn a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature. He graduated magna cum laude in 1988. (Twitter)

This is truly a man who has put his best foot forward in everyhing that he has done. Working hard to streamline medical services delivery to the world he has been honored for his attention to detail and making medical care easier to attain for many people in America and around the world. So no matter how success is measured, Mr. Pulier has truly achieved it.


Investments and Profits equals BRL Trust Investments

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BRL Trust is a Brazilian investment firm located in the fifth largest country in the world. The firm offers offers local and global financial services. The company is privately owned and founded by Mauricio Ribeiro in 2005. The BRL Trust Investment firm started their business making private loans. The first year was more than unique and the company’s reputation soared.
Within the first year of operations, they acquired $100 million in assets. BRL has ninety-six funds with Net Asset Value. The company became diversified to meet the needs of current and future investors.
BRL Trust is the trustees’ actor of private debt securities of prominent world class banks such as, CDCA, CCI, CCB and CPR because of their expertise in the field.
BRL Trust became investment managers of more than eight hundred transactions worth $4.5 billion, with local and global investments added to their current portfolio. The firm has hired professionals in all the fields that make BRL successful. Now they are one of the largest Investment Firms in Brazil and still growing.

BRL Trust Investment Company embraced diversification and added Merger and Acquisitions, Capital Marketing and Investment Funding to their services.
The Merger the client wants to make will be investigated and studied for profits and advantages before the transaction begins. The team that is assembled for the merger will explain step-by-step how an actual merger works and the expected outcome for both companies.
The buyer will explain his purpose for wanting to acquire a particular company. The team has the expertise on all levels of making Acquisitions. The buyer may want to introduce their company into new marketable areas, access to certain platforms or to buy products and customers to increase their business. The BRL investment team of marketing, sales, finance and operations will develop a strategy to present to the buyer. BRL Trust was also written about by

Management and Administration of Investment Funds include corporations, real estate, shares, bonds, private investors and other assets that will become more profitable under professional management. The Administration of Investment Funds is tracked to make sure the buying and selling of the client’s selected assets are processed and verified. BRL Trust capital market services will underwrite securities services and search for the best options for qualified investors by considering their risk profile.
BRL Trust Investment Firm has an Asset Control System that monitors and tracks the financial transactions of the companies and collects the loans owed. The Capital Market services underwrites the securities, studies, the risk profile as they look for the option that is in the client’s best interest. The BRL Trust Investment Firm handles sensitive information, coupled with an immense amount of financial responsibility and has proven they are able to make remarkable profits.


Messi Made a Mess

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I recently read this article, titled “Messi Attacked Again After His Visit to Congo”. It is about professional soccer player, Lionel Messi, and his trip to the African state of Gabon. Per the Human Rights Foundation, his sole purpose for the trip was to do Public Relations with and for Gabon’s President, Ali Bongo, by “partying” with the President at the future venue of the Africa Cup of Nations. The Human Rights foundation asserts that Ali Bongo is an oppressive ruler who uses embezzled funds to make expensive personal purchases. Additionally, the Human Rights Foundation claims that Bongo refuses to have ritualistic murders of children in his state investigated and prosecuted.

I am a firm believer in our Human Rights, particularly the right to life. Additionally, I believe all people should receive a fair wage for their work, keeping them from a life of poverty (my paraphrase of Articles 23 and 25 of the Declaration of Human Rights, found on the foundation’s website here.)

Several other articles speak of children in Gabon who had been found murdered. Most of these children had various parts of their bodies mutilated and/or removed. According to an article by Reuters Gabon is one of many African states involved in the black market trade of human organs. Other sources mention that electoral candidates for various offices use the body parts in rituals of witchcraft based on the belief that it will positively affect the voting outcome in their favor.

Additionally, Bongo has millions in bank accounts worldwide while the residents of Gabon live at or below poverty level. According to Forbes, less than 84 percent of Gabon’s population experiences monetary freedom. Comparatively, the 2013 US Census reveals that less than 12 percent of the American population lives at poverty level.

Images in various articles portray Messi and Bongo laying a brick over wet cement at Gabon’s future venue of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations. Both Messi and Bongo are smiling brightly for the camera. The articles also state that Messi was paid almost five and a quarter million American dollars for his visit by Bongo as a PR move, which Bongo denies.

Lionel Messi has made a mess, and the Human Rights Foundation has made its stance known on Twitter and just about everywhere else. Messi supports children’s rights through the use of the Human Rights Foundation for charitable contributions. He sent mixed signals to the world when he visited Gabon. He may have morals that would prevent him from murdering children but his ethics are to be questioned. Ethically, I would think that he would distance himself from associating with those who do not actively support the right to life and from those who embezzle state funds for personal purposes. The Human Rights Foundation is correct about this situation.

State of the Nation

The Houston Real Estate Market Does Not Affect Haidar Barbouti

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The opulence of the luxury shopping complex at Houston’s Highland Village is something that has been built on the back of the dirt and grime of the oil industry in this area of Texas. As the 21st century progresses the owner of the Highland Village complex, Haidar Barbouti is pushing forward with his plans to create a complete leisure complex that can fulfill all the needs and desires of his high end clients. Barbouti keeps a tight grip on the complex and acts as the leasing agent for the shopping side of the buildings as he also looks to introduce new eateries and stores that reflect what he sees as his own vision for Highland Village.

As Haidar Barbouti extends his reach into many of the top designer brands in thne shopping complex ans introduces his new restaurant, Up, the real estate markets of Houston are facing their first challenges in a number of years. The confidence shown by Barbouti and his fellow entrepreneurs across Houston is that the current dip in sales and excess of office space is merely a blip that will move along soon for normal service to be resumed. In recent months the number of office spaces available for subletting has grown substantially as increasing areas of office space go spare with the growth of the business side of oil and energy production seems to have outstripped the level of production available. This comes at a time when the price of oil has also plateaued to sit at a constant figure without the usual summer rise in price.

ModernLuxury shows us that residential sales have also fallen as the number of available jobs in the Houston area has risen, but at a slower rate than in previous years. Despite this the growth of the city is remaining consistent with Haidar Barbouti and his fellow entrepreneurs confident the wealth of Houston will remain high in the years to come. It is important to remember that the fall in home sales seen over recent years comes after the area underwent an unprecedented record breaking month at the start of the summer with more homes sold than ever before. The issues in the oil industry appear to be being worked through as the main hub of Houston begins to get back into the swing of production with the price of oil more fixed than at other times in history. However, Houston may yet have to grasp the fact that the world is changing and the forms of energy used will also have to change as the world faces up to its future.


Improve Wikipedia Writing Skills by Adjusting Editing Efforts

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There are different levels of editing. The type of editing techniques used, should reflect the subject to be written for Wikipedia. Wikipedia has a factual and straight forward writing style. Knowing how, when and what to edit can help to create better articles.

Consequently, balancing editing efforts can help you to get onto Wikipedia if you use the writing skills of Get Your Intense and more in-depth editing is an excellent way to ensure that articles are well written. Over-editing can eventually create articles that are technically correct. However, doing this can cause an article to sound unnatural when read aloud. Also, over-editing can create Wikipedia articles that are overly concise.

Editing for Symmetry

Editing allows writers to cut out and rewrite an article for the best outcomes. The rudimentary level of editing takes the least time; the intermediary level of editing does not consume the amount of time utilized as more advanced levels of editing.

Advanced levels of editing require the writer to consider every word, phrase and sentence for unity, grammar and accurately written messages. It’s important to note that, all stages of writing involve creating articles that are mechanically and grammatically correct. Articles that appear to be written in an uncommon tone can disengage readers and cause complete disinterest.

Balancing Each Phase

The difference between each editing level is how much emphasis is placed on all areas of writing a Wikipedia editorial. Topics that are more familiar may take a reduced amount of time to edit compared to an unfamiliar subject. Choosing how much information to edit is essential towards making further adjustments.

Authors that select the accurate time span for editing efforts, can control the total exertion that is used to most create maximum results. Moreover, editing and checking every fact for accuracy is imperative. Focusing on excellence, style compliance and the message that is being delivered to readers is essential for writing better Wikipedia articles.


An Overview of Qnet Marketing Company

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Qnet Online Marketing Company is a direct selling company based in Hong Kong. The QI group owns it. Qnet Company sells a broad range of products including weight management, home and personal care, energy, fashion items, luxury accessories, and nutritional foods. Vijay Eswaran founded it in 1998. Qnet promotes its products on various websites. Eswaran doubles as the CEO and a motivational speaker to persons selling the products and services of the company. He holds quicksessions that feature dry ice, Polytechnic, and laserswith the sales persons. The sessions serve to equip them with the right attitude and mindset toward their work.

Marketing Strategies

Qnet follows multi-level and direct selling models to market their products. In multi-level marketing model, independent representatives refer consumers to the company’s products. In so doing, the officials receive compensation depending on the volume of sales of their referrals and that of the other independent agents on their respective teams arranged in a binary fashion. In contrast, direct selling is a marketing plan in which services and products are sold directly to the buyers in a face-to-face manner. The approach allows consumers to enjoy discounts while the independent representatives retail the products to the people they know hence earning some money. The marketing strategy also allows the agents to gain when people in their personal network consume the goods and services or when the products are promoted.They also apply aggressive campaign of lawsuits and newspapers to counter any negative attack by the competitors.

Company Initiatives
The company has numerous offices in Asian countries such as United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Thailand, and Philippines. It also has franchise branches in Turkey and India and operates in other countries such as Egypt, Rwanda, and many more. The manufacturing bases of Qnet are currently spread over twelve different countries around the world. However, the company plans to shift most of its manufacturing bases to Indian from all over the world. According to Zaheer Merchant, the director of corporate affairs of the Qnet, consolidating manufacturing facilities in India will give the company up to 12 % cost benefit. The products come in thirty different brands, which are classified into nine categories. Qnet aims at enhancing the lives of consumers and promoting a healthy lifestyle through its products. The Company also offers services such as online learning courses and vacation packages.

In 2012, Qnet Company decided to focus on a niche as a way of improving their product development plan. Focusing on a niche means that, they would manufacture products that add value to life. This criterion of product production seeks to produce life-enhancement products. The shift from mere lifestyle products to life-enhancement products gave the company an opportunity to expand their products into water filtration, weight management, air purification, and education. Check out their discussion on IndianExpress.


How Dan Newlin Is Changing Lives

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Accidents are unavoidable in our day-to-day lives. If someone is injured, it is crucial to get the best as well as professional personal injury attorney to represent them in court and make sure they are reimbursed for the injury. Dan Newlin is one good personal injury lawyer who has fought many lawsuits on behalf of his clients. He has high ratings due to his incredible works for many years.

In his early 20s, Mr. Newlin commenced his profession in the law enforcement domain. He worked as a police as well as fire fighter in Indiana then later got employed in Orange County in Sheriff’s office. While working as an investigator, he exuded devotion in his service and was given awards by the US marshal’s office.

In 1997, Dan started schooling in Florida States School of Law where he studied hard and completed in 2000. His earlier occupation in law implementation made him understand the sufferings people face thus making him resolve to assist them. Numerous people would get hurt so much and yet insurance firms never completely reimbursed them. This condition was soon to transform for Dan’s clients.

Dan Newlin has transformed many people’s lives since he began his legal services. In November 2014 Mr. Newlin won $100 million for a teen client. The damages involved medical bills, pain plus emotional agony experienced by the victim after the accident and in future.

This tragic incidence involved a fifteen-year-old girl called Danielle Sampson. During the time of the accident, Sampson was behind her family’s van when a bullet shot by a gang member called Tyrone accidently hit her on the head. Tyrone together with his fellow gangsters waw running away from a crime scene and was firing at a homeowner. The incidence made Danielle suffer paralysis even after therapy.

The point that Danielle obtained the fairness she warranted is a great reassurance to other victims. Another incidence involved the compensation of $950,000 to Edward Krutsinger and his spouse Trisha. This couple was smashed by a pick-up truck as they neared an intersection. The police statement indicated that the person driving the pick-up was liable for the accident. Three witnesses furthermore reinforced the information. Check out Dan Newlin’s profile on YouTube.

Edward was affected so much by the accident. He sustained some fractures on the back plus herniated neck disc, brain damage as well as scarred face. He went through facial reconstruction surgery, which involved attachment of screws plus plates on his head. Medical professionals presume that Edward may walk with the help a stick for the rest of his life. In 2014, a complaint was filed and a year later, the couple was reimbursed.

Dan Newlin has Law offices in Florida and works with a group of skilled attorneys. These lawyers are devoted to offering their clients first-class services thus ensuring they get maximum settlement for client damages.


Eric Pulier Isn’t Done Yet

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Eric Pulier has always had a drive to be the very best and to do everything in his power to provide others around him with the best services. This is what has made him so successful throughout his life so far but he is not done yet. He continues to do everything he can to give back to the community and to help those around him.

Eric has always loved computers. In fact, while growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey, he started programming his home computers in the fourth grade. Of course, this was not the time of modern computers. This was during the 1970s, where computers were rather lacking and when a single computer could produce very little in terms of programming, yet Eric knew how to handle and work with the technology. By the time he reached high school, he had started a database company. All of this helped make Eric a rather impressive individual and it also made it possible for him to move into desirable collages. This started with Harvard University in 1984 where he majored in English and American literature. Here, Eric Pulier has a profile on TheCrimson.

During his time in Harvard he maintained a column and served as an editor for the school newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. He eventually went on to also study classes at MIT, a neighboring school from Harvard. He graduated in 1988 magna cum laude.

While he enjoyed his time on the East Coast, especially as he was from Jersey, he decided to try his hand on the other side of the country and moved to Los Angeles three years after graduating. In LA he started a company known as People Doing Things. The company focused on the health care, educational system and other important issues that could rely on technology to improve the way everything is done within the field. Three years later he created Digital Evolution, which then merged with US Interactive during the late 90s. At this time, Pulier also worked on a new social media network known as Starbright World. This social media network was designed for seriously sick children, giving them an outreach service to communicate with other children suffering from similar problems and conditions.

All of this proved to be rather impressive and it caught the eye of President Bill Clinton, where he was invited to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition. At the conclusion of this exhibition, Vice President Al Gore requested his participation on his very own health care and technological firm in order to work with the local healthcare industry. With this connection, he started to work with the Clinton Global Initiative.

With all of these different platforms, Eric Pulier has been able to grow in both the tech and healthcare world.