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Jared Haftel: Visionary in the Field of Investment Banking

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Finding your place in this world can be extremely difficult, but there are just certain people that know exactly what they want, and exactly how to get it. It can seem like a rare quality to behold, but an extremely useful one if you know how to use to it right. One of the best skills that you can hone is learning how to network — life is all about meeting people and getting to know the right ones, and once you learn how to do that, it seems that everything else just seemingly falls into place, which can’t ever really be bad thing. Jared Haftel is one of those with that skill, and he’s used it to his advantage.

Haftel graduated in 2009 from Duke University after earning a Bachelors degree in Science, Mathematics and Economics to boot. For five years hes found himself being able to pursue opportunities in the investment banking field. With his career blossoming, hes found himself available for a few high profile positions. He began his work as an analyst for the Global Industrials Group which as at BofA Merrill Lynch. This means that he had duties and responsibilities for analysis regarding commodities like mining, metals, aerospace and chemicals, as well as some defense industries as well. Hes had to chance to work with high profile and grossing contacts like Huntsman Corporation, EMS Technologies, CONSOL Energy, and GeoEye. He was once an investment banking analyst for Bank of America, but now hes now currently an Associate at Vector Capital where hes been for three years, where hes been able to continually make a name for himself.

Jared has had the ability to put his networking skills to good use as hes landed such high opportunity positions within banks and other businesses that will really put his degrees in science, math and economics to good use, and he doesnt plan on letting a minute of that opportunity go to waste.

Just like any other job, Jared knows how to make sure that you nail your resume and make sure your chances of landing your dream job dont go to waste, or arent over looked just because your resume wasnt clean enough for the likes of whoever was looking over it. He has a few simple tips to those who are looking into getting their career started. The first is realize that your resume will be looked over quickly. Jobs usually dont stay open for long and the amount of applications people get is unheard of. Make sure that your resume highlights important aspects of why you should be a chosen candidate. Try not to exaggerate. Adding fluff and things that will just try and make you sound better (aka lying) wont help you in the long run. Things dont stay quiet and people will find out one way or another. If you can, have someone look it over, preferably if theyre also in the industry. Lastly, he recommends dedicating at least half of your resume to relevant work experience. People are looking for others that can help the business grow and be of good service to them, making everyone elses jobs easier. Focusing on internships or jobs youve had in the industry with relevant companies will be of great service to you.

Take it from the pros, they know what they’re doing.

Charities Humanitarian Efforts

Bill and Melinda Gates saw Greater need than Technology

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The idea of setting kids up with computers in a third-world country sounds like a great idea off the top of your head, but is that really the way to help those in the greatest need? Bill Gates once thought that it was a tremendous idea. Then he visited a hospital in one of those countries and that visit changed his thinking forever. It was then that he saw how tragic the lives of the people in those countries are.

Gates determined that entering one of those hospitals is equivalent to a death sentence. Malaria, lack of nutrition and poverty were much greater issues to address. Although he and his wife, Melinda, still believe that computer technology, even in these areas is important, but there is a much greater need to be addressed. That is one of the reasons they began their foundation work. They want to bring hope and the ability to come out of poverty to these countries before they begin to bring computer technology there. Volunteers can aid in the Gates mission by visiting their website or by volunteering in person like my friends, Dave and Brit Morin recently told me.

Heartwarming People

Sam Tabar Invests in Humanitarian Startup Company

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Prominent New York attorney and capital strategist Sam Tabar has invested in THINX, a startup company founded by women for women. THINX sells feminine hygiene undergarments to be worn during menstruation or times of incontinence. But this revolutionary company does not stop there. In a collaborative effort with AFRIpads, every pair of specialized underwear that THINX sells will provide underprivileged girls in Africa with sanitary pads they need to be able to attend school and work. Due to limited resources, many women in Africa are confined to their homes during menstruation and are consequently excluded from taking advantage of education and employment opportunities.

The founders of THINX met Sam Tabar through mutual friends. Although not looking to specifically invest at the time, Tabar was impressed by the ladies’ mission to help others through their business venture. Tabar, who brings his vast experience in the global investment market to the table, said, “THINX helps others through their unique design. Antonia and Miki are making a difference with their product.”

Through their website and sales of their product, the ladies of THINX seek to offer a possible solution towards creating greater independence for women while bringing light to the issues of women’s needs in Africa.

This article was originally reported on PR Newswire.

Heartwarming Kids in the News

Super Hero Super Bowl Bet Insures Children Win

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Two stars of different superhero movies have made a wager on their rival football teams. The opposing teams are both heading to the Super Bowl and it seemed like a perfect chance to make a bet for charity’s sake. A series of tweets between the two men will result in a visit to one of two children’s hospitals to visit sick children. The loser must don his respective super hero costume.

If the Seahawks win, Captain America must show up in costume at Seattle Children’s Hospital for a visit. If the Patriots win Star-Lord must go to Christopher’s Haven in Boston in a Tom Brady jersey. It sounds like a good plan and if both stars really want to put a smile on more children’s faces, they will forgo the bet and both visit the respective hospitals dressed in their super hero costumes. Sultan Alhokair thinks this is something where everybody could join in,  possibly wagering for donations to the hospitals. It is a win-win situation for the children.

Health Success Stories

North American Spine Celebrates Six Years of Successfully Treating Patients Using Unique Accurascope Procedure

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North American Spine is celebrating its sixth year of successfully treating patients who have chronic back pain. North American Spine is an organization that is composed of the finest medical professionals in the fields of pain management, neurosurgery and orthopedic spine care. The organization’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Besides locations in Texas, North American Spine has centers in New Jersey, Minnesota and Arizona. As of North American Spine’s sixth anniversary this January, North American Spine’s physicians and staff has helped over 8,000 people achieve relief from chronic back pain with its unique Accurascope procedure.

The unique and exclusive Accurascope procedure has brought thousands of people from all walks of life relief from chronic back pain. Many of North American Spine’s patients have tried alternative forms of treatment such as painkillers, physical therapy and steroid injections that have brought them little to no relief from their chronic back pain. The exclusive Accurascope procedure has an 82% success rate in patients that undergo the procedure. A research study that followed people who underwent the Accurascope operation at North American Spine found over a period of five years, patient on average saved over 23,000 dollars in medical costs.

The Accurascope procedure conducted by North American Spine is a minimally invasive procedure. North American Spine’s physicians use live x-rays and may use endoscopic fiber optic scopes to take a look at the inside of the spine to determine where and what is causing the pain. North American’s Spine uses state of the art technology that determines the root cause of pain such as inflammation, tears, scarring, pressure points and herniations. This procedure is able to spot causes of pain in the spine that other procedures can miss. Only a small incision is made in the procedure. There is very little scarring and very little risk of damage to nerves, blood vessels and muscle tissue during the operation. The Accurascope operation typically only takes 30 to 45 minutes to diagnose and treat the cause of the chronic back pain. Unlike other procedures which may have lengthy recovery times, the Accurascope procedure has a quick recovery time with most patients back to their normal routines within a few days’ time.

Success stories abound about North American Spine’s Accurascope procedure. Celebrities such as country music Artist Larry Gatlin have found relief after suffering 47 years of chronic pain. North American Spine’s six year anniversary press release was originally reported on at PR Newswire.

Education Science

Mark Ahn Assists Everyone In The Life Sciences

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Dr. Mark Ahn works as a consultant through his company known as Pukana Partners. He also works as a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and Portland State University. Dr. Ahn works with life science companies that need his assistance, and he helps his students understand how the life science community works. However, he also does research into how these companies are born. His work has led to several publications, and he shows people how they can successfully start a company of their own.

When Dr. Ahn works with startups, he uses information he has gleaned from 20years of work. He knows how these companies should design their management teams, and he knows how those management teams should work with their board of directors. He knows how life science and biotech companies should structure their projects, and he has done research that shows these companies need to be patient to survive.

Dr. Mark Ahn is a walking encyclopedia of information about the life science and biotech industry. He shares this information with his students so that they can have a better understanding of the work they want to do, and he helps these existing companies remain viable while they come up with their next big product.

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Boy with Health Problems Saves Neighbor’s Life

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Never under estimate the power of anyone. Don’t think anyone too weak to help another. That is the lesson to be learned in a recent news story that came out. It seems that a teenager who is facing a variety of health issues, a teen who is autistic and recovering from a number of other health problems, has saved the life of his neighbor. This teen was told that he might not walk again, yet he walked over to his neighbor’s garage and he lifted a car off of that neighbor.
The heroic teen went through a stroke and a variety of issues months before the story took place, he had spent a good amount of time in the hospital, he had battled a variety of health issues. Not many would expect such a teen to be of much help in an emergency situation, but this teen heard his neighbor cry for help and he went over to offer that help. This teen used a jack to lift a car off of his neighbor, saving him before first responders could arrive at the scene. Don’t underestimate someone just because they have faced health problems, they just might end up being a hero despite everything. This is an incredible story and if you want to read more go to Beneful’s facebook.


Jonathan Veitch: President of Occidental College

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Jonathan Veitch is the current president of Occidental College in Los Angeles. He started as president in 2009. Occidental is a private liberal arts college and was founded in 1887. Many famous people have attended Occidental, and the college has recently gained fame since President Barack Obama was a student there for two years.

Life and career

Veitch is originally from Los Angeles. He was born in 1959.

Veitch attended Stanford as an undergraduate and then went on to earn a doctorate in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University. He taught English for four years as a professor at the University of Wisconsin. He then worked as a dean and at other academic assignments at the New School in New York.

As a scholar, Veitch specializes in American Literature and film of the 19th and 20th Centuries. More specifically, he is an expert on American author Nathanael West who is best known as the author of the Hollywood novel The Day of the Locust.

Veitch is married and has three children.

At Occidental

At Occidental, Veitch has worked to improve relations with the community who live in the residential neighborhoods bordering the campus. There has traditionally been “town and gown” tension between the campus and area residents because of student partying and drunken behavior going on late into the night.

Veitch has worked with students on alcohol awareness issues and also reassured residents that there will not be an aggressive physical expansion of the college into residential neighborhoods. He has met with a number of community members on various issues and done interviews with local publications.

He has also presided over the introduction of a solar array which provides one megawatt of power to the campus.

Veitch has a reputation as a skilled fundraiser, an important skill for a school like Occidental with a larger private endowment.

Veitch has expressed satisfaction at returning to Los Angeles to work for Occidental. While he is from Los Angeles originally, he was gone for many years. He is the first president of Occidental who is a native of the Los Angeles area.

Philosophy of education

Veitch is a strong believer in the value of liberal arts education. Indeed, his own liberal arts background has served him very well.


Bright 3-Year-Old Saves Himself After Kidnapping

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In a story that would terrify any parent, a 3 year old boy is now safe after a carjacker stole the car that Aiden Barrios was waiting for his mother in. It was just a typically day in Ogden, Utah for Aiden and his mother Elizabeth Barrios. Elizabeth dropped another child off at daycare, leaving Aiden in the car with the car running. In what must have been the most horrifying moment of Elizabeth’s life, her car, along with 3 year old Aiden, her purse, and cell phone were gone.

According to NBC News police decided to try calling Elizabeth’s cell phone to see if they could negotiate with the kidnapper. However, Aiden answered the phone. Aiden knew his mother’s pass code to the phone and was able to speak with police. At that time the carjacker/kidnapper had left Elizabeth’s car and Aiden abandoned in a parking lot. Aiden was able to give police a description of where he was and at their request began honking the horn so officers could find him quicker. Elizabeth and Aiden were reunited within 20 minutes of the ordeal.

This story could have had such a worse ending. Luckily it didn’t.  Safety expert, Christopher Cowdray advises, “Always be careful when leaving your child in the car, especially a running car. No matter how safe you think the area is or how quick you will be it is always better to be safe than sorry.” These situations can always be avoided.

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The Amazing and Accomplished Daniel Amen

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It is not possible to explain all there is to know about this humanitarian and one of the most gifted minds in medicine. However, I felt compelled to share the story of this educator and role model for young people everywhere.

First of all Daniel Amen believes in the unity of marriage and a happy balanced home. The good doctor is married to Tana and he has four children and five grandchildren. Dr. Amen feels that not only should the mind remain healthy so should the body and found, that being an avid table tennis player, helps to keep him in step.

Daniel Amen is a spiritual man devoted to seeing a healthier world through religious organizations in combination with Pastor Rick Warren and Drs. Mark Amen and Mehmet Oz. These four set out to design a program called the “Daniel Plan.” This plan is a 52-week plan to help the world become healthier. These four men realized a church wide weight loss of over 25,000 pounds. People discovered more energy, better mental focus, improved mood and an elimination of daily medications or at least a decrease of medication taken. The goal is to help churches around the world see the same results.

Daniel Amen has a primary focus on brain health, believing that a healthy brain is the key to all health and success. Some of Daniel Amen’s accomplishments are a physician, certified psychiatrist, bestselling author, Founder and Medical Director of Amen Medical Clinics in nine cities and states. He operates the world’s largest functional brain scans pertaining to behavior. This database contains scans from over 110 countries and nearly 100,000 patient scans.

Daniel Amen holds one of the highest awards awarded to doctors, the Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Professional football players who have had brain imaging and rehabilitation studies led and completed by Dr. Amen, showed many recoveries noted from brain damages. He has written and produced, additionally hosting nine popular shows related to the brain. He authored well over 50 professional, scientific articles appearing in most of the top professional journals of today. 

In addition to all these credentials, Dr. Amen appeared in movies, on Emmy winning shows, and has spoken to a number of top rated agencies such as National Security Agency, and Harvard’s Learning and the Brain conference. His writing has appeared in many top rated news journals such as Newsweek, Time, Huffington Post, Men’s Health and much more. 

Shareware named Dr. Daniel Amen as the most #1 influential mental health expert and advocate in today’s society