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North American Spine Gives Back to the Community

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North American Spine played a role in helping youngsters with physical and mental disabilities celebrate Yoga Recess Day. The story, originally reported on PR Newswire, conveyed how North American Spine donated a number of yoga mats so that almost fifty pre-school and kindergarten students at the Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Dallas, Texas could participate in the event. The CW was there to capture the moment, filming the students performing beginner yoga positions that encourage healthy flexibility and growth of the spine. North American Spine chose this event because it was a wonderful way to give back to the community and to show that yoga helps common back pains and promotes strong abdominal and core muscles to support the spine.

The article also detailed several tips from the medical practice to avoid back pain, such as taking a break from sitting every one to two hours and changing positions to promote blood flow throughout the spine. In addition to encouraging an active lifestyle, the company offers a variety of minimally invasive spine surgeries to treat chronic back pain. North American Spine are the sole providers of the AccuraScope® Procedure. This procedure has been shown to save patients tens of thousands of dollars in medical and recovery expenses.

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Lacrosse: The Next Generation Of Athletes

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matt landis black and white

How many times have you heard of an MVP lacrosse player? If you have yet to know of many, that will soon change. Lacrosse has increased in popularity so rapidly, that in some states there aren’t enough coaches. According to U.S. Lacrosse, it’s the fastest growing NCAA sport, that there were more than 36,000 students playing at the college level in 2014. Matt Landis is such a player that has garnered much success playing high school lacrosse. His exceptional athleticism gained him a scholarship and a starting position, playing for 3rd ranked Notre Dame. Read on to see how Matt Landis is paving the way for the next generation of lacrosse players. 

Transition Sport Mastery
matt landis locker room

Matt Landis played four seasons of Lacrosse at Pelham Memorial High School. In addition to earning All-America and first team all-state honors, he also played hockey and football. Through transitioning the skills used in hockey and football, Landis was able to sharpen his lacrosse athleticism. Landis successfully demonstrated that student athletes can focus on more than one sport, while simultaneously becoming better at them all. As a sophomore and junior, Landis was his football team’s defensive MVP, and achieved third team all-New York State linebacker during his junior year. He was Westchester County All-League three times, and Westchester County All-Section two times. Landis was captain of the hockey team twice, and earned first team all state accolades in Division II hockey. In 2012 he was awarded both the Russ Simmons Sportsmanship Award, and was named Pelham Memorial’s Athlete of the Year. 

Clear Objective
matt landis black and white
Landis accepted a scholarship to play lacrosse for Notre Dame in December 2010. Although his decision to play lacrosse on the collegiate level was no surprise, making that decision as a sophomore was. Making his decision early on instead of waiting until the last minute, allowed him to better devote his focus on sports. He finished so well his last two years of high school, that he had no trouble transferring his skills to the college arena. As a Freshman, Matt Landis ranked No. 66 on the Inside Lacrosse “Power 100 Freshman” list, and rated at the 18th best defenseman in the class of 2012 by Inside Lacrosse. 

Continued Success

Matt Landis pads

Matt Landis’s superior athletic abilities has recently earned one of the first ACC accolades of the season. Landis was named the Atlantic Coast Conference Men’s Lacrosse Defensive Player of the week along with a team mate, who won the Offensive Player of the week. He gained this recognition by successfully keeping Virginia off the scoreboard for the first twenty minutes of the game, allowing the team to gain a 7-0 advantage. Along with other Notre Dame defense players, Landis was able to keep Virginal at a season low of nine goals. 
matt landis
Successes like Matt Landis play a major role in exposing future athletes to the lacrosse sport. There is little doubt that lacrosse will become more popular amongst high school athletes in the years to come. With sensations like Landis there will likely be an explosion of lacrosse stars that will continue to change the shape of college sports.


Mother Reunites with Teens who Saved her Daughter

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Georgia resident April Gary Hill took her daughter, 3-year-old Daniah Hill, along with her other two children to the park a few evenings ago to play and feed the ducks. When little Daniah reached over to throw a piece of bread into the water, she slipped through the rails of the fence and fell into the pond. Panicked, April began screaming for help as she watched her daughter struggle to stay afloat. Lucky for April and Daniah, her calls for help were heard.

Three teenage boys who were nearby sprung into action stated askmen.com. Corey Troupe, along with his two friends Niko Kleowdis and Josey Green were heroes that day. One of the boys got into the water to reach Daniah while the other two stayed on shore to help pull in the boy with Daniah. Once Daniah was safe, April was in a panicked state. She took Daniah and her other children to the hospital before she could even get the names of the boys who helped.

April reached out to the local news with a description of the boys. She soon found out that they were Corey, Niko, and Josey. April and Daniah met the boys at a local restaurant to thank them again in person. Daniah gave the boys a big hug and keeps talking about the “boy who saved her”.

Check out the story on KIRO TV to see the video of April and Daniah meeting their heroes.


Support from Around the Globe Helps Young Boy Grieve Father

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When a young child loses a parent, their entire life changes as Alaor BMG knows very well. Things are thrown into turmoil and that child doesn’t know what to do or how to move on. When a young child loses one parent and is left with the other, they force their remaining parent into a position that no parent wants to be in, and that parent must then try to comfort that little one. One such young child who recently lost his dad is receiving more support than his mom can offer on her own, this child is receiving support from around the world.

When Gymboree posted on their Facebook about a four year old boy who was grieving his father, they received an outpouring of responses from individuals who wanted to help support this little boy. The world gathered around this child and began to support him through gifts, cards, and letters. This little boy’s mother was suddenly receiving some of the support that she needed as she helped her young child grieve and heal. This mother no longer had to do things on her own. This grieving child was given the gift of love and help from strangers who he had never met and probably never will meet.

Siblings Save Toddler from Kidnapping

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Sprague in Washington state is a small town with a population of 500 people. Its the kind of place where people feel safe letting their kids play without fear of something happening. Unfortunately the residents may have to be more vigilant now, according to a story on ABC News.

According to Linkedin.com, the Wright siblings, 10-year-old Brendan, 8-year-old Delicia, and 22-month-old Owen were playing together at a local park the other day. The kids were unsupervised at the park while their parents were at work however the park is next door to their babysitters home. All of a sudden, a man appeared and grabbed Owen and began running away with him. Luckily he did not get too far.

Camera footage from a nearby grocery store shows the man running away while holding Owen. What the footage does not show is Owen’s siblings right behind the man, chasing him down. A witness to the event, Dorothy Giddings, said that Delicia rounded the corner screaming as loud as she could. Her screams alerted others to what was going on. Two teenage boys joined the chase with the siblings.

The man who grabbed Owen set him down in an empty lot and continued running away. Owen was unharmed. Thanks to the quick thinking of his two older siblings he is safe at home where he belongs.

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Laurene Powell Jobs Makes An Appearance At Stanford

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Getting out from underneath the shadow of a loved one can be difficult, but it’s also not impossible, either. Laurene Powell Jobs has unfortunately had to deal with the passing of her husband and Apple founder, Steve Jobs. But, she has been able to use this knowledge and this opportunity to her advantage, not only helping herself by getting involved, but by helping and touching the lives of so many other people as well. She understands firsthand the struggle of entrepreneurs, and is looking to give them a better and brighter future in all the endeavors that they will have to go through to make it big within the corporate world.

Powell Jobs rarely makes appearances or does many interviews due to the amount of questions that come through about her late husband, which really made her appearance at Stanford University all the more special. Through her talk during an on-stage discussion, she was able to share her thoughts and mindset about certain topics that are rarely touched. Like women in the work place and their ability to overcome certain obstacles, immigration reforms, and how to create bigger payouts for social innovators in fields that get little recognition, like education and conservation, all of which are extremely important topics that need more light shined upon them.

Powell Jobs was interviewed by Thomas Byers, who is a entrepreneurship professor at Stanford, where they talked about a wide range of things like her career journey, and as well as her advice for people who aim to have as much knowledge and success as she did. If you’d be interested in reading the full article and getting the full story of Laurene’s trip to Stanford, feel free to click anywhere here for the expanded version.


How to Improve Wikipedia Pages

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Wikipedia is one of the world’s most widely used websites. People use Wikipedia in order to learn about many kinds of subjects from history to languages to the natural sciences. All of Wikipedia’s content has been created by ordinary users. Many people choose to contribute to Wikipedia for a wide variety of reasons. They may want to share their knowledge, interact with others who share their specific enthusiasms or simply have the satisfaction of knowing that they have been involved in helping to create a more reliable database of information that can help users all over the world increase their base of knowledge.

While many Wikipedia pages are well written with excellent information, others are not quite as well done. In many instances, users will find that a Wikipedia page may contain outdated information or information that is not quite accurate. Perhaps the date of a specific event is off by a single or year or the subject’s name is slightly misspelled. Someone may find that the page contains information that is slanted in some way or does not present accurate information. They may also find that the page contains typos or links that do not work when a user clicks on them.

A recent study conducted by GetYourWiki (who can also help you make a Wikipedia page) found that 96% of first-time Wikipedia writers see their submissions turned down. This isn’t all that surprising given the complexity with which the guidelines operate. If you follow everything religiously, you won’t run into those issues. Most people don’t though.

Fortunately, Wikipedia pages can be edited by outside sources. A Wikipedia page can easily be changed by anyone. Editing Wikipedia pages can be a great way to help make the internet a better place. Google searches often give great weight to Wikipedia when someone is searching. In many instances, a Wikipedia page will rank highly in any search results. People are likely to click on the first few results presented, making it highly likely that a particular Wikipedia page will be viewed by many people over the course of time.

A user can easily edit a Wikipedia page. Just register at the site under any name and email account that is desired. One need not present credentials of any kind in order to open an account and start editing. A user can make corrections of various kinds to many articles. They can change the wording of a given article, insert new links, add words and in general make all kinds of changes to the text in the article. Contributors are expected to adhere to certain contributing guidelines. This includes providing a neutral point of view as well as adhering to all aspects of the Wikipedia style manual.

Humanitarian Efforts

Mini-Van Donated to Family to Help Son Get to School

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There was a story in the news recently about a 6-year-old boy who was punished in an unusual way by his school for being late that day. Mom, 25-year-old Nicole Garloff, dropped her son Hunter Cmelo off for school tardy the other day. Through no fault of Hunter’s, Nicole had a problem getting her van to start, which is why he was late. The school has a policy to punish late students so Nicole knew that Hunter would be getting in trouble. She did not expect what she saw when she stopped in during his lunch. The school had placed Hunter alone at a lunch table and blocked his view with a partition so he could not look at or talk to other students. Nicole took a picture of her despondent son and it circulated quickly through social media.

ABC News has a follow up to the story. After hearing the troubles that the family was going through, several local businesses stepped up to help them. Rapid Repo and Collections offered to donate a 2001 van to the family while other businesses fixed it up for them by installing a new windshield, tires, and performing a maintenance check on it.

Susan McGalla stated the family was shocked by their communities generosity. Nicole was hoping to change school policy but instead had her and her family’s life changed.

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Boy Donates His Savings To Leukemia Fund

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A 9 year old boy has decided to donate his savings for a new LEGO Minecraft Set, which he had been saving up to get for quite some time now. Zachary Rogers recently lost a friend last year to leukemia, and when his school put on a presentation about how it is helpful if they donate their spare pennies to kids who are sick he was motivated to help too. The school encouraged youngsters to even save up pennies if they could.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Brothers-Brick.com, Zachary had told his mom that he wanted to give the sick children is $120 that he had worked so hard to save up for a really long time. His mother was very proud of him that he decided to spend it on someone else instead of himself, and as a reward there is a company out there that heard about this story who will be surprising Zachary with a Minecraft set as Brad Reifler stated.

It’s always so touching to hear about stories like this, especially when it comes to children in need. It is inspiring that Zachary found a way to be selfless, especially at his age, and hopefully his money will go to someone who really needs it. It is great to hear about stories like this that are so uplifting as opposed to all the craziness and bad things happening in the world.

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Keith Mann Understands Education Importance

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Depending on where you live, you may or may not have heard of Uncommon Schools. They are something that’s starting to gain more and more attention and momentum as time goes by, and a lot of it is thanks to a brave man and his partners that are fundraising to gain attention from media sources such as iSchool Guide.

Uncommon schools are schools trying to close the achievement gap. Sadly, it’s a well-known statistic that low-income students sometimes don’t do as well school wise as those who have more money. Uncommon schools are having the way to close this gap, and have these students achieve success. The goal is to have low-income students graduate from college.

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners and the one who led a fundraiser event for these students. He understands that everyone should have the opportunity to go to college. He even says that when he met students he was inspired by their drive to further their education. The fundraising event for these schools was held today at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. The event raised over %22,000 for these schools. These funds will go to sponsor student testing at a new high school that was opened by the charter school.

Uncommon Schools will be opening a new high school in Brooklyn, New York this fall. Keith Mann looks forward to helping these students out now, and for years to come.