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George Soros on Donald Trumps’s Anti-Migrant Rhetoric

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George Soros has been expressing his political opinions a lot lately. As the world’s richest hedge fund financier, Mr. Soros opinion holds a lot of weight. Although a semi-requirement Mr. Soros never seems to be out of the limelight. He has been contributing his opinions of late and has gone as far as to compose a complete comprehensive plan to help the European Union do with the recent Middle Eastern migration crisis.

George Soros once migrated to England with his family as a 15-year-old child. It was 1947 in Budapest, Hungary when the totalitarian regime of communist dictatorship became unbearable. Mr. Soros worked his way through the London School of Economics a working odd jobs a railroad porter and found employment as a waiter. This background is always lead Mr. Soros to be compassionate and understanding of the refugees plight.

Considering George Soros’ background from an immigrant to the Forbes worlds’richest billionaire financier and holder of the most successful track record in the history of finance, it is clear why he has so greatly contributed to the world through organizations like his Open Society Foundation . George Soros by design is the 100% polar opposite
of real estate businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump.He was featured recently in Forbes giving his opinion on Mr. Trumps’s view on immigration.

Donald Trump is currently the frontrunner for the United States Republican Party in a bid for the office of President. He began his campaign by insulting immigrants and demonizing them in a successful attempt to gather momentum through hatred. By tapping into this sentiment he has also alienated many of the super thinkers of our time like George Soros. George Soros is an active contributor for liberal candidates like Hillary Clinton. He was recently quoted as saying “Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS.” Mr. Soros also similarly has criticized presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

It is not so much of a Democrat versus Republican issue as it is an issue of how we treat asylum-seekers and refugees in these critical times. George Soros has a history of helping others and has been involved in philanthropy since 1979. It was then that he decided to start offering scholarships to black students at Cape Town University during apartheid. Mr. Soros has thoughtfully created a plan to help deal with the Middle Eastern migration crisis.

Mr. Soros has stated that Donald Trump is indeed helping ISIS with his rhetoric by alienating Muslims. The idea of not allowing migration of people based on their religion goes against everything that George Soros has ever stood for. It makes great sense for Mr. Soros to come out and express his views about Donald Trump’s presidential bid and its anti-migrant ideals.

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Every company gets complaints, it’s only natural. No one expects a company to be absolutely perfect. What matters is how the company deals with the complaints. Each company has one of two choices. You can either just ignore the problem and carry on with your life. The other option is to deal with the problem head-on, thereby, reducing the risks for future issues.

White Shark is one company who chooses to do the later. White Shark chooses to address the issue right away. This does two things. It instills good loyalty for the brand and company. It also ensures that clients will stick around with them for much longer.

How does White Shark deal with their customer complaints?

The company has a few ways they deal with any sort of crisis. Here is a small breakdown of the ways they deal with any issue that might come up.


Every month the company holds meetings to go over the results of the last month. Some might think this is rather tedious, but it’s really not. Customers are sent out surveys and things of that nature. Customers are asked for their honest input about how the company is doing. This works really well for those who have been using White Shark since the beginning of time.

During this meeting the staff look over everything, determining how they can make things better. This learning tool takes it above the simple communication call to see how a customer liked the service.

This is a good learning experience for all involved. Customers sometimes will say anything, just so they can give the company a good rating. This tool gets down to the nuts and bolts of things.


Some customers like sticking with the older ways of advertising. Others like to see fresh ads, something that is new and improved. White Shark tries to cater to both audiences. White Shark has a team that comes in and looks at the ads. This team evaluates everything. They make notes of what can be improved and what should be gotten rid of.

This is a helpful tool for the company. There are lots of customers who do not like to see the same old thing going.


This happens a great deal with companies. You sign on with someone who is really cool, someone who you instantly click with. Then, after you have signed on you get stuck with a person is the exact opposite.

White Shark has a really cool way of dealing with this issue. Sometimes you will not get stuck with the same person you signed on with. This is just the way things happen. White Shark has their team follow each call and customer. This tool allows White Shark to get to know the customers and his/her needs.

Now this person might not be your personal go-to guy once you sign up, but he or she will be there for backup. You can even request the person if need be. This actually has cut down on some of the complaints White Shark has gotten.


White Shark is very reputable company. They implement new tools each day to help with customer issues. Now these tools might not resolve everything, but they do help out lots of people.

if you are thinking about becoming one of White Shark’s customers, go to their site. Read some of the reviews the customers have left. This will give you some idea of what to expect from the company. Good luck.

You can follow them on Google Plus and Facebook.

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Dire Warning of EU’s Collapse by George Soros

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When it comes to Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, George Soros has always been quite critical, especially of her policy of austerity. However, after she stood up to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin when he order attacks by Russian military in the Ukraine, he says he believes Time magazine was right to put her on the cover of the magazine, labeling her the “Chancellor of the Free World.” And in that opposition she put herself in political jeopardy with the majority of the German people, which polls show do not agree with her.

He sees her position on the refugee migration crisis as farsighted. He thinks, like him, that she can see the threat to the continuation of the European Union by the crisis. Issues like the EU’s open border system, or Schengen, are threatened by some European countries closing their borders to refugees. However, he points out that the refugee crisis is not fully resolved, even in Germany. So, her party is under heavy attack by the opposition party.

As the crises keep mounting in the EU, the threat grows that it will completely collapse. The handling of the Greek economic crisis was very good practice for the EU authorities. Yet, Mr. Soros said on CNBC that it was only muddling through problems without actually providing solutions. He says they may call it a game of kick the can, delaying problem resolution, but that it is really a game of kick the ball up a hill, where the ball always predictably rolls back down the hill; the crises keep reoccurring.

Mr. Soros has always seen the EU as exhibiting the characteristics of an Open Society. He remembers the quagmire that was the Soviet Union and the contemporary emergence of the early EU. The Soviets attempted to unite all the world’s proletarians at the same time the EU built a model of an Open Society where geographic integration was the basis. The problem he sees is that the EU has become dominated by nationalism. The EU was not originally meant to be an uneasy relationship between creditor nations and weaker debtor nations. He says all these breakdowns in the EU’s processes will steadily lead to its collapse. This information comes from the German magazine WirtschaftsWoche: EU on Verge of Collapse.

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White Shark Media Improves Communication

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When it comes to business agencies and consulting, communication is a very important aspect of business. Small business owners that look for an agency for campaigns that improve business really want to know a lot of things. They don’t just want to know that the services of the agency are going to improve business, they also want to know how. Being a small business owner takes a lot of responsibility. If not all aspects of the business is covered, then the business has a small chance of surviving. Not only does he have to look at every part of business that is crucial to its success, but he has to oversee the work that any help does for his business.

White Shark Media is one of those companies that handles different aspects of online businesses. In order for the business owners to understand what is done with their business, there needs to be effective communication. White Shark Media has proven to be very effective with their efforts. However, one complaint that they dealt with was the lack of communication on their part. Fortunately, they have addressed those issues and improved their services to their clients. Among the problems was getting in touch with the firm. White Shark Media has taken a lot of measures to improve communications with their clients.

One thing they do is schedule a status call every month for their client in order to keep them up to speed on how their business is doing. They get to learn about all of the different steps that have been taken with their adwords campaign. One tool they use in order to schedule status calls is GoToMeeting. One feature that GoToMeeting has is they have split screen which allows them to report on the Adwords account in front of the client.

White shark Media has shown a lot of wisdom in solving their issues with communication. They have come up with effective solutions that allowed people to get a better look at how their business works so that they can trust that the company will help them bring in greater sales. There are plenty of other problems that they have run across in order to improve their business. After all, the sign of a good company is that it is willing to grow in order to better meet the needs of its customers. It also shows that they are willing and able to adapt to what the new times bring.

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Securus Technologies Help to Make Prisons Safer

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Technology advancements are able to make our lives easier and better. According to a PRNewswire article, Securus Technologies has just announced the release of THREADS 3.1. Securus Technologies is important to the department of corrections because it provides a technology that enhances public safety, corrections and inmate communication monitoring, and even investigation. THREADS 3.1 have been labeled as the most innovative and fully integrated “Big Data” analytical tool that exists in the nation.

The creators of this patented software, developed THREADS 3.1 to be as powerful, if not more powerful than its predecessors. This particular software is able to enhance the user interface making the system faster and easier to navigate. One way that the developers have increased the speed of the software is by removing system actions that were redundant or pointless.

In addition to removing unnecessary steps and actions, THREADS 3.1 upgraded the software platform. Previously, the software was functioning under a Silverlight platform but with the release of the new software, the platform is now HTML 5. This change gives the software the opportunity to directly communicate with other Securus products. This integration also allows users to have a friendlier interface that increases productivity. In addition to offering software that now operates on a HTML 5, Securus Technologies has also created software that is easier to learn than earlier versions. THREADS 3.1 require reduced training in order to understand which means that users will be able to operate the software quicker. Less training that is required to operate the software means that many facilities will be able to save money.

With the help of THREADS the correction facility was able to detect suspicious activity when it came to inmates. Patterns in inmate phone calls, fraternization, and other various occurrences are able to be detected with help of the THREADS software. Though THREADS 3.1 is able to achieve the same goal, it can do so in a quicker and more efficient manner. To make clients happier with THREADS 3.1, Securus Technologies is offering the upgrade at no cost to its current customers.

With the help of THREADS and other technologies, Securus is able to provide needed services and products to more than 3,450 facilities. These particular facilities are responsible for more than a million inmates across the nation. The services that these products supply help to provide enhanced safety in the correctional system. Without such software’s some prisons would lack safety. This would put the lives of correctional officers and other inmates in danger.

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Dr. Sergio Cortes Releases Study Results Proving Exercise Can Help Prevent Onset of Alzheimer’s

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According to an article published on Exame, Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise making it one of medical sciences most challenging diseases to fight against. As people continue to have longer lifespans more and more are finding themselves afflicted with the horrible disease that steals memory and awareness. The good news is that Dr. Sergio Cortes and his research team at the UFSCar of San Carlos and Rio Carlo UNESP believe now that weekly exercises can help prevent or at least delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, even in those who carry the gene.

The study took place over four years with researchers from the UNESP, UFSCar and the
Federal University of Sao Carlos. According to the results even those with the heredity factor can help fight their chances of developing the disease by taking part in weekly moderate exercises. The exercises help stimulate the brain while also helping to benefit the body. Dr. Sergio Cortes explained that it is important to practice the exercises on a regular basis to help delay the onset. The exercises work by interfering with the neural process to help combat the neurodegenerative effects of Alzheimer’s. The exercises also help to tame the inflammation that can contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is a well-known doctor with a long history of working in research and with patients. For the past year Dr. Cortes has served as the CMO Chief Medical Officer Executive Director and in the past served for seven years as the State Health Secretary of Rio de Janeiro. Additionally he served as the General Director of the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. His medical background makes him an expert when it comes to the development of the body and disease over time.

The study conducted by Dr. Cortes and others found that regular physical activity daily and weekly will help to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. This is due to the fact that exercise helps to naturally stimulate the brain helping to act as a brake against the degenerative process that begins as people age. Exercise also helps to act as an anti-inflammatory so that plaque does not build up over the neurons in the brain. The study showed the most positive results in elderly that engaged in moderate physical activity at least three times per week.

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Dick Devos And His Habit Of Giving to Causes Benefiting the Youth

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Mlive did a recent article about the DeVos family. The DeVos name is a name that is very well known in the area of Grand Rapids. They are one of the richest families that are in West Michigan. This family has finally revealed, for the first time, the amount of money that they have given in total through philanthropic donations. They told Forbes magazine that they had given almost 1.2 billion dollars. Forbes magazine had been asking the DeVos family about the donations made by their family foundations for many years, and they finally got the answer out of them. They have topped the list as some of the most giving families in the United States. The majority of the money that they have given has been for education, but they have also given to the community, to their religion, and to art and culture.

Dick DeVos is a business man and he is also the son of Richard DeVos. Richard DeVos was one of the founders of Amway.  Dick was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Even when he was just a young boy, he had a hand in his families business before pursuing his business, the Windquest Group. DeVos went on to receive a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Northwood University before beginning his long business career. 

In 1974 DeVos began to work with the Amway corporation, and in 1984 he became the company vice president. Later in 1986 DeVos became the vice president of international operations. Six years after that he left the position, and the company had grown 50 percent in annual sales. In 1991 DeVos became president and CEO of the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic. In 1993 DeVos left his position as president of the Orlando Magic and he went back to continue his career Amway to to take over the presidency from his father while also founding Michigan’s first aviation high school. DeVos also went on to acquire other companies, and he even ran for governor in the State of Michigan in 2005. DeVos is an individual has donated large amounts of money to education, hospitals, arts, and much more. Dick DeVos is truly an individual that is constantly working hard to improve himself, and also to improve the communities that he serves. 

Learn more about DeVos by visiting his website:

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Shopping With Images Now a Possibility

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There have been major advances in AI that make it possible to shop with images. There is also the ability to search with the use of images. This feature is actually quite innovative for online retail businesses in that it increases the chances for sales. Given the major changes that the Internet has underwent in the past 20 years, customers are having an easier time shopping online, and retailers are making a lot more sales from their website than ever. The visual search feature that has been developed with the advancement of AI technology creates a winning situation for both the retailer and the customer.

Slyce is one of the examples of this type of technology that make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. One thing the software does is find the product that the customer is looking for. If the product is out of stock, then it lists other products that are similar in style and appearance. For instance, if someone is looking for a dress and it is out of stock, then the software will present the customer with other dresses of similar looks. It could be the color or any other aspects of the dress.

Slyce has this type of technology available for the desktop, laptop or mobile devices. Therefore, the customer has plenty of options as to where and when he wants to use this software. While one could use text in order to search for something, Slyce works best when it is presented with an image of the product. It will show the exact product and will also show the availability of the product. Slyce is going to be one of the leading figures of the future of online retail and e-commerce deals.

Apps like Slyce come with features like the ability to specify a product in an image if there are more than one product. The app will gather information about the product in the image that is specified and present the user with information about the product. If the customer is interested in buying the product, then he will be shown where he can go in order to make the purchase. In fact, for some items, there is a buy button attached to the image when it is given the visual search treatment. Companies are working with these types of apps in order to improve the process of shopping for customers.

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Dog Food News

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Americans love their pets. Dogs and cats are part of the family. As a result, families want to care for their pet in the same way they do for anyone else in the house. That is why people are turning to premium pet food like Beneful that has some surprising ingredients. Imagine feeding your pet dog food with real meat such as turkey, chicken lamb or salmon in it. Beneful pet food with fresh, healthy organic ingredients is becoming popular with pet owners across the U.S. Some owners say their pet’s food is tasty enough for people to eat; but they still save it for their beloved pets. Dog and cat food is now being taken to a new level. Pet food companies such as Freshpet, Blue Buffalo Co, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle Purina Store and Petcare are developing mixes that will have your pet begging for more. Some companies are even offering customized blends; you can choose your pet’s favorite mixtures and order food specifically made for them. Personalizing your pet’s nutrition is the latest in quality pet food. Gourmet pet food is also being marketed. Imagine feeding your pet Purina Beneful, lasagna, beef stroganoff, duck jerky and hamburger treats. All of this is being made without any artificial ingredients, colors or taste. Vegetables, grains, and fruit is also mixed in with certain types of pet food. If you are looking for healthy pet food, you are in luck. The trend in the pet food industry is to produce lean, healthy tasty food that will keep your pet in good shape.

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BMG Offers Great Options For Bank Customers

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The world of Brazilian finance has been extremely well thanks to an influx of funding from western industries coming to the country. The banks are making a great deal of money from this influx of funding. BMG is certainly no exception, and they have benefited tremendously from these changes in the economy of Brazil. However, BMG has had an additional advantage over other banks in the country. The bank is also a very old one, and they have been around for many decades, including one of the worst decades economically. They have had Marcio Alaor helping them to become ever more successful. He has worked on the way that the bank operates, and this has brought more customers to them. In addition, it has made it so the bank is making higher levels of profit. The combination of excellent management and excellent economic times has caused BMG to thrive even more than was ever thought possible.

BMGs first year was during the height of the depression, in 1930. They were able to thrive in these extremely difficult times to work with. The bank became wildly successful in coming generations. They have continued to be successful and stable through all the economic conditions from 1930 right up to the present day.

In recent years, a very hard worker by the name of Marcio Alaor made it to the management of BMG. He was a self made man who got there by the virtue of dedication and hard work. In fact, Alaor started out his career merely shining customer’s shoes! However, through hard work, he made it to BMG. Working at BMG offered him an opportunity to work up the corporate ladder of a prominent Brazilian company. When he was offered this opportunity, he worked very hard to achieve success. He certainly did, and he made it all the way to the top of the company. Not only did he become the executive of the company, but as executive, he instituted positive change in BMG. Nowadays, BMG has become a much more well rounded and successful company as a result of how Marcio Alaor has worked to better the company.

BMG is and has always been a well rounded bank. They offer savings accounts that provide competitive interest rates for savers. In addition, they have loans available to customers. The rates of these loans are also competitively low. They also offer excellent credit card options for customers. If a customer is looking to invest money in traditional means of stocks and bonds, BMG can help you out with that! BMG offers excellent options for investment to choose from. Essentially, BMG caters to a wide range of customer’s financial needs. Furthermore, all of these services are excellent.

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