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Your New Investments With The US Money Reserve

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Gold and silver are two types of investments that you can easily grow with time. For so many people, investing is a difficult and risky process that could easily lose them money over time. If you are investing in stocks and bonds right now, you probably have noticed that the value goes both up and down on a routine basis. The problem with investing is how risky it can be, but this can be avoided if you begin to look into the precious metals provided to you by the US Money Reserve.

The US Money Reserve is a supplier of precious metals and has been distributing these metals for decades to millions of people all over the country. Because of their commitment to quality metals, you can feel confident in using their company when it comes to getting the specific type that you need. Whether it be to invest in silver coins or large gold bullion, the US Money Reserve has all of this readily available to you to make your life a whole lot more convenient. You will feel confident with using the US Money Reserve because of the fact that they have so much experience with precious metals.

You will find that precious metals are the ideal option for investors of all kinds. Unlike stocks and bonds, precious metals like gold and silver rarely go down in value. In fact, the value of precious metals has stayed pretty consistent over the years and is only continuing to go up. This is why so many people are choosing to put their hard-earned money into both gold and silver for their own benefit. It’s a great option for you as well if you want to make a better investment with your money.

Now that you know how great it is to invest in silver and gold, it is vital that you take a look into making these investments with the largest precious metal distributor in the country. This company is known as the US Money Reserve and they are there to help make your investment dreams a true reality in your life. You can begin the process by contacting or visiting the US Money Reserve and seeing what they have available to you. Whether you want to start with a small investment or go with one that is incredibly large in value, the US Money Reserve has what you need.

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Best Dog Food

Plentiful Dog Food Varieties With Beneful

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Beneful’s employees all stand behind every package of every variety of the great dog food they work to produce. Because they know Beneful gives dogs complete nutrition with great flavors and textures that dogs love. There are many different varieties of Beneful, for brevity we will focus on only 4 of the most popular ones: Beneful® Dry Dog Food Originals, Beneful® Dry Dog Food IncrediBites®, Beneful® Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends™, and Beneful® Wet Dog Food Medleys.

All four of these fine varieties of dog food have real distinctions. In the light and dry dog food categories we have Beneful® Dry Dog Food Originals with your choice of main meat flavors: beef, chicken, lamb, or pork flavor. This is usually chosen as the primary meal for for healthy fit dogs.

Beneful® Dry Dog Food IncrediBites® with various types and cuts of real meat is sort of the tasty jerky meat of dog food, and well loved by most dogs. IncrediBites® comes filled with extra protein for complete doggy nutrition along with 100% of the veterinary recommended nutrients every doggy needs, while maintaining the flavors he or she craves.

Beneful® Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends™ is a good compromise on between the light & dry and the wet & meaty. Chopped together are beef (or select from the other main meat flavors), tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. It is the daily delight for many a lucky dog.

Beneful® Wet Dog Food Tuscan Style Medley is a further refinement to a style much preferred throughout much of Europe now. The Tuscan Style Medley is a celebration of more modern, continental textures and flavors. Beneful on is available in several meat flavors and comes with a lively assortment of carrots, rice, and spinach.

Our furry family members love and follow our every look and move. Your dogs rely on you at all times to protect and care for them. In their little hearts this always begins with food. When you are feeding your furry ones Beneful, you are loving them as if you are their fur mother. You love your little ones right back and are willing consider their food needs carefully. Beneful is walking there right beside you all the way. Check out all the other wonderfully inventive dog food varieties Beneful produces. You will be glad you switched to Beneful dog food, and so will your dog or dogs.

Best Dog Food

Treat your dog with Beneful Dog food products

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Dogs have been companions to humans for ages such that they are referred to as man’s best friends. However to keep this companionship, you have to take good care of your dog by ensuring it is well taken care. In a time where time is almost a scarce resource and finding time to prepare a good meal for your dog might be hard, Beneful has made your job of ensuring your dog is well fed easier. This is because they produce ready made dog food products which are highly nutritious and good for your dog. Their food products range from dry dog food, dog treats and wet dog food.

You might wonder, why Beneful? They provide varieties to choose from in every one of their products. For instance, their wet food comes in a variety of proteins such as chicken, pork beef or lamb. The textures they provide also vary from thin chops to hearty chunks. That is not all as the wet food products on came in accent like barley, green beans, rice and carrots and in convenient sizes. The wet foods are available in twenty wholesome varieties, prepared meals, hearty, rosters, medleys and chopped blends. Their dog snacks are crafted then oven baked. They come in dog’s favorite flavors such as beef, peanut butter, bacon and cheese. Their assortment of textures ranging from crispy, airy crackers to savory shortbread cookie dog snacks will be a delight to your dog. Other than the wide variety of choice one has for the flavor and texture for their dog from Beneful on dog food products, the ingredients used to make the dog food is full of nutritional value because they are real and wholesome. They contain complete and balanced nutrition including antioxidants and omega-rich ingredients. In addition to that, the food products are available for dogs in any life stage whether adult or puppy. The Beneful Prepared Meals even has a multipurpose packaging where the container can also serve as a dog food bowl. Since 2001. Beneful has been faithfully providing dog owners with an amazing choice of dog foods. It was even ranked the fourth most popular dog food brand in 2012. This proves how trusted the company is.

So now you know, if you have a dog and you want to give it the best treat, find Beneful dog food products at your nearest supermarket and make your dog happy. If you take good care of your dog, it will in turn take great care of you and the relationship will be as it should be; that of best friends.


QNET is one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies

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QNET is one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies, with millions of customers and independent sales representatives around the world. After expanding to so many locations around the world, Qnet has gained a lot of faith and trust as a business. Qnet has provided its members with a great way to earn additional income or make a full time income. The company has achieved fantastic growth, and has great reputation in the industry.

Qnet sells personal care products, vacation packages, wellness, telecommunication and jewelry. The company offers a lucrative business opportunity and a line of lifestyle products designed to enrich the lives of its customers through wellness, luxury and innovation. Qnet also offers distributors, also known as independent representatives the opportunity to market products through one of several proven promotional strategies, including online ordering, party plan sales, and preferred customer programs.

Established in 1998, with headquarters in Asia, QNET utilizes the direct sales approach to market and promote its exclusive products. The company’s independent representatives are given the resources they need to build a solid network marketing business with a strong product offering and a sustainable compensation plan, as well as wide-reaching distribution system.

QNET’s sound business model makes it easy for people to start their own part-time or full-time business with low overhead. It takes hard work and dedication to succeed in this business, and QNET distributors have the opportunity to become financially independent, improving the standard of life for their loved ones and communities.

QNET recognizes that people are great assets, and their distribution network’s enthusiasm and boundless energy are essential for achieving financial success. The company is dedicated to giving their sales representatives the education, training and resources they need to promote and market their products and business model.

Network marketing training resources include individual mentoring opportunities and online resources. Generally, sponsors and coaches are available to new recruits as part of the network marketing and direct sales business design. Qnet has a strong support system in place to help distributors achieve their income goal and become successful. In addition, representatives are encouraged to work closely with other team members who are more successful in the business to learn techniques for working more productively, making more sales, and getting more recruits into the company.

Compensation plans can vary tremendously from one company to another. It is important to review the compensation plan of a company you are considering, and make sure you’re comfortable with their commission structure before making a decision. Qnet explains clearly how they pay out their commissions and makes sure that sales representatives are well rewarded for their efforts. If you are considering joining a network marketing company, Qnet is a great choice.

Banks BMG

How To Manage A Bank With Ricardo Guimares

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Ricardo Guimares is the current CEO of Banco BMG.He has been with the bank since 1980 and its president since 2004.He is also a respected member of the Brazilian mining community. He has led the bank through one of the most remarkable turnarounds in history. He has transformed the bank into the absolute king of Consignment credit finance in Brazil.
Banco BMG is based in Bero Horizonte Brazil and has been in operation since 1930.It is today the market leader in Consignment finance controlling 80% of the market share. In 2004, it held only 20% despite being the pioneer in this market category. Its Equity in 2004 was $ 300 million and today the equity is $ 1.5 billion. The consignment credit market is now worth an amazing $ 85 billion from $ 85 billion. It’s important to know that the consignment credit markets are highly popular in Brazil. It’s the cheapest form of credit finance and has nearly 7 million customers. Banco BMG controls 5 million of these. It is very familiar with Payroll and small business demographics. These include retirees, government employees, pensioners, etc.
The market has only been penetrated 50%.There are up to 62 other banks fighting for this remaining market segment. Banco BMG has one of the widest distribution networks in Brazil. It has up to 3000 points of sale terminals and 50,000 agents distributed across the country. It has portrayed itself as the people’s bank and has stuck a chord with working class Brazilians. It is the leading sponsor of soccer teams across Brazil. It is important since soccer is religion in Brazil.
Ricardo Guimares says focusing on sports and philanthropy has seen the Bank build an emotional connection with the people. It has built hospitals and schools in the Favelas.It have even sponsored an entire TV station focused on giving young people exposure in sports. The station partnership has seen over 60000 talented sports people showcase their talent. These small things are important in the Brazilian society.
Ricardo Guimares has always dedicated his success to the hard work and dedication of his team. He advises corporations seeking to enter the Brazilian market to understand 1st the culture. They should then brand themselves according to Brazilian Ideals and work on those. They should try to work with the local community and engage in Philanthropic endeavours.Hard work and dedication will ensure they go far.


The Shared Vision of Eric Puller and CSC has Reaped Great Success

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With technology being woven into modern life, it is hard for many to remember a time when computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices where not everywhere.

Yet, such a time did exist, and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), was and still is at the forefront of technological integration’s.

Founded by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones, in 1959, the Los Angeles based company, CSC began as a programming tool provider, providing compilers and assemblers during a time when even the large mainframe computers lacked the ambiguity of computers today.

The 60’s saw CSC build business relationships, by providing software for corporate giants such as IBM, Honeywell, and even secured a private sector contract with NASA.

It took only four years for CSC to become the largest software company in the U.S.

Keeping with the rapid growth rate CSC became the first software company listed on the American Stock Exchange by 1963.

By the end of the 60’s CSC had expanded operations into Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and the Netherlands laying the groundwork for the international platform that CSC has today.

CSC today is grounded in information technology (IT). The corporation is employer to 74,000 employees, spread out over 70 countries.

Since 1995 CSC has been fortune 500 company. In 2014 CSC held the 185th spot that list. As well CSC has a position on the Forbes Global 2000 list.

Behind the acquisition of Affiliated Computer Service by Xerox in 2009, CSC became the only major independent hardware vendor, IT service provider, headquartered in the U.S.

To stay afloat in today’s technology world, a business must be able to adapt to the ever-changing technological platform that sees new technologies quickly becoming outdated.

One of the major reasons for the CSC’s ability to stay ahead of the curve is the intuition of CEO Eric Puller.

In one of his first business ventures after his graduation from MIT, Puller created a technologies company that aided health care and education systems to integrate technology into their systems.

Puller’s business background in technologies integration made him a perfect candidate to run a company like CSC that has been at the forefront of technology integration since the 50’s.

Both Puller and CSC share a vision that includes the integration of technology globally. The vision of Puller had lead to VAR Business recognizing him as one of the top e-Visionaries.

Although Puller began his pursuit of higher learning as an English and literature major at Harvard, he had been programming computers since the fourth grade, and possessed a passion for it. So it made perfect sense for him to take classes at MIT, where he graduated with distinction in 1988.

If affluence is the mark of success, CSC, with Puller at the helm, posted $12.6 billion in earnings for 2014.

Performance Sergio Cortes

The Incredible Achievement Of Sergio Cortes

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Entertainer Michael Jackson was much more than just an artist in his world of entertainment. To many individuals, he was a great friend that they have never come across, however, a man who would bring peace and happiness into their lives. In 2009, the death of Michael Jackson was a devastation that left many individual highly shocked. Sergio Cortes is among those people who were affected by the death of the popular singer. Sergio Cortes has been able to restore the memory of Michael Jackson back to live with the astonishing impersonation that he has been capable of mastering over the decades.

As little kid, Sergio Cortes found out that he had the capability to have not only the same looks as Michael Jackson but also do all the things Michael Jackson used to do exactly like him, such as dancing and singing. By the time, he was an adolescent he was beginning to acquire a great deal of attention. Reporters and photographers could even have Sergio Cortes pose for photos so they will sell these photos as real pictures of Michael Jackson. It was at this moment when Sergio Cortes made a decision that he could have the capability to develop a career for himself in the world of entertainment due to this resemblance that he had to the great musician Michael Jackson.

In 2009, Sergio Cortes felt it very obligatory to go full force with his profession so that he can have the ability to keep the musician alive in the hearts of many. There are several impersonator out there, however not all have the ability to do what Sergio Cortes does. He understands how significant it is to keep the legacy of Michael alive. Sergio Cortes is determined to develop his career and continue to excite crowd around the globe.

There are a lot of tasks ahead of Sergio Cortes; however this is the work that he is well prepared to do. It will be very thrilling to witness where Sergio will take his career over the next few years. With the help of great media support that Sergio Cortes has already had up to this level, it will be much easier for him actually to grasp the title of the best impersonator of Michael Jackson. It will take a short period for the world to recognize Sergio Cortes as the man who able to keep the memory of the king of pop Michael Jackson.


Dan Newlin Brings Hope to the Hopeless

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Dan Newlin is an attorney at law based in Orlando Florida . Newlin has without a doubt been a prominent figure in Florida’s little world. For the last few decades Dan Newlin and his associates have helped to recover millions of dollars in damages to citizens in Florida who are involved in legal cases. Newlin and his experienced associates focus mainly on personal injury cases and accident victims . Newlin has made a name for himself by representing men, women, and children who don’t have anybody fighting for him in their corner. Newlin and his associates also spend time defending and protecting the families of those who are involved in injury cases and accidents when overbearing companies and businesses pressure them and try to put fear into them. Between the associates and himself, Newlin and his company have gotten more than 150 million dollars in damages for their individual clients who were unfortunate enough to suffer injuries and unforeseen accidents. Dan Newlin has been known to go to court and fight big name companies when other attorneys were too afraid. The majority of the cases that Newlin has fought would have scared away most other attorneys at the time of consultation. Where most other attorneys would see quick cash in clients, Newlin and his team see individuals who are living with their worlds being turned upside down and will tend to them like they are family.

In 2012 when Danielle Sampson was struck by a stray bullet and was ultimately paralyzed and put into a coma, Newlin wasted no time in representing the family. Sampson was riding in the back of a mini van with her family when a stray bullet struck her and almost took her life. Tyrone Mosby, a 22 year old with a reputation as a gang member, was fleeing the scene of a home invasion and was shooting at the home owner when a bullet missed the home owner and struck Danielle. Newlin took this case as an opportunity to not only represent a traumatized family but to send a message to criminals and gang members. Their reckless actions have put Sampson and other innocent civilians at risk for far too long. Newlin has promised to pursue these cases without hesitation and will work as hard as possible to make sure that these gang members get the message.

Dan Newlin is more than an attorney. Newlin is seen around the Orlando, Florida area as a modern day Robin Hood. The attorney sees where the most helped is needed amongst the most vulnerable citizens and wastes no time in getting them what they deserve. Orlando, Florida is so pleased with Newlin that he was encouraged to open an office in Chicago, Illinois. The citizens of Chicago should feel at ease knowing that this powerhouse attorney will offer them the same type of care and attention with which he devoted himself for decades to the citizens of Florida.

Banks BMG


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Bank BMG is a leading Consignment credit provider in Brazil. It’s headquartered in Belo Horizonte Brazil. It’s part of the Dutch bank BMG group that began in 1883.It has lent out billions of dollars to ordinary Brazilians in the last decade. Ricardo Guimares has been the president of the bank since 2004.Under his stewardship, the bank has achieved incredible growth rates. He is a hugely respected mining business person in Brazil. His management style has been dubbed the community focused model. It seeks to empower and grow its customers. According to Guimares, BMG is just a platform to make your life easier.
BMG has achieved a solid brand presence among Brazilians thanks to its profiling strategy. It sponsors hundreds of soccer teams and other sports in a country where soccer is religion. It today controls 80% of the entire consignment credit market. It seems set on continuing with this dominance for the foreseeable future. It has given millions of Brazilians access to credit. A group that was previously locked out. In fact, it now has a market capitalization more than $ 14 billion. Its Consignment credit department is now valued at more than $ 1.1 billion from $ 300 million in 2004.It has grown its market share from a measly 20% in 2004, 60% in 2010 to today’s impressive 80%.This steady growth can be attributed to Ricardo Guimares guiding hand. It can also be attributed to its high lending position due to investor bonds it floats in the international market.

The Bank has not achieved this remarkable feat by accident.Mr. Guimares hires only the best. The bank also leverages the best in technology and today has over 3000 points of sale terminals and 50 000 agents. It has seen it meet client demands and increase brand presence. The bank today serves over 5 million customers. The huge customer base is supported by an incredibly hardworking staff that is well compensated.
The bank also supports many local initiatives. Its Philanthropic endeavors mostly target the favelas where Brazil’s poor live. It has built Hospitals and schools in these Centers.Mr. Ricardo started working with BMG in 1980.In 1989; he was promoted to the position financial chief officer. He held this position till 1996 when he was promoted to the Vice-chair. In 2204, he became the president. He has sure transformed BMG, and we wish him all the best.

Online Search

New Beta Tools Tested By Visual Search Guru Slyce

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Slyce Is At It Again!

The mobile shopping innovator, Slyce, has created quite a stir in the world of e-commerce. Even before they came along, e-commerce had taken quite a step in the forward, tech-savvy way. Now, customers are finding it easier than ever before to find exactly what they want from retailers. Slyce is making the e-commerce shopping experience more exciting and engaging with visual search technology. The company has applications that are to be downloaded on smart phones, and they are simple to use, so all users will find what they want with the click of a button. The application allows users to take a picture of any object in their surroundings. Slyce uses their visual search technology to go through their databases of retailers to find the best match. Users can take pictures of pictures. They can even take pictures of bar codes or QR labels with the new beta tested tool called universal scanner.

Exciting New Beta Tools

There are a mess of other tools being tested with users. Part of the beta products and services is a tool for retailers. That is called Slyce Insights. What this tool does is help retailers understand the user experience better. This helps create conversations with consumers and retailers, which is part of the shopping experience that is enjoyable and part of the retailers’ promotional marketing plan. This tool is not the only beta testing tool, but it might be the most useful for companies like JC Penny, Home Depot and Neiman Marcus that are large retailers involved in Slyce’s visual search experience. Slyce also has others involved, including but not limited to those companies on

Another interesting new beta tool Slyce is testing out now is for coupon clippers. It is a great way to save and catalog coupons. It also reminds the user when the coupon is about to expire. It will remind them if they are near the retail location, as well.