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Raj Fernando’s Impressive Accomplishments in the Corporate and Philanthropic World

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Raj Fernando is the founder and owner of Scoutahead.comTM, a firm that specializes in delivering reliable information to individuals and corporations to help them increase their productivity and achieve their investment goals. Barely a year since launching, Scoutahead.comTM is curving a top niche in the global corporate arena. Raj Fernando has unmatched experience of 25 years in the global financial market and more than a decade professional expertise of managing cyber security initiatives. He offers outstanding insights and guidance to individual investors, corporate investors, as well as his own firms.


Fernando holds degrees in History and Economics from Beloit College. He is also an alumnus of University College London. He is a well-organized individual who managed to strike a balance between education and volunteering. He was a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His effort paid off, and he obtained an entry-level position at the firm and ascended to the top.

Career history

From 1996 to 2001, Fernando served as a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade as well as Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He ventured into private business in 2002 by launching a proprietary trading company in Chicago that focused on equities, fixed incomes, and other products. During his tenure, Chicago Trading had a strong relevance on key U.S. exchanges such as CME, NYSE, CBOT, and globally on Eurex, ICE, and LSE.

Chopper Trading

Fernando was instrumental in the transformation of Chopper Trading into a heavyweight in the United States and international markets. He implemented and oversaw some of the most advanced risk management, trading, communications, and monitoring security systems in the financial service industry. The company had about 250 employees across the globe consisting of talented engineers and traders. While still serving as the CEO of Chopper Trading, Fernando was an active participant of trade and policy conferences around the world. During the Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference of 2013, he spoke to a global audience of media personalities and shareholders.

Philanthropic & political endeavors

Fernando makes a difference in Chicago and the U.S. through philanthropy work. He has supported and continues to support several community initiatives through funding and volunteering. He serves as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s governing member and participates actively in running the affairs of Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Fernando has financially supported several organizations such as Wounded Warriors, The Steppenwolf, and Chicago-based Big Brothers Big Sisters. He oversees fundraising activities for Democratic candidates and other party causes. He has played a significant role in raising money for the William J. Clinton Foundation and President Barack Obama.

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Why Talk Fusion Wins an Award

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Recently, Talk Fusion won an award for having the tops solutions product of the year in communications. The product is video chat, and the company’s Founder and CEO, Bob Reina was proud to receive this award as his second this year for his innovative ideas and success for his business.

The award is directed at innovative products that are used to aid video chat and other communications in meetings for both business and personal use, as well as for other data communications efforts. The internet has made it easier to use products from the line-up Talk Fusion has to offer, but not every company is meeting the quality and the price point.

Bob Reina made it public knowledge that his IT team is working on products that are bigger and better in the near future. Technology and communications are always evolving which makes choosing top-notch products from Talk Fusion an easy decision. Reina also made this statement about his IT team; “They’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, and that’s what Talk Fusion is all about.”

Talk Fusion is touted as the first company to create and design the first all-in-one video solution for marketing. Their products are designed to help businesses stand out from the rest while increasing productivity through their communications tools. The problem they aim to solve is to help businesses make their marketing more effective, by making communication easier and flawless.

Many have turned to Talk Fusion because they make their products available to all who desire to try them, even without a credit card for billing.

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An Inside Look At The Achievements of Stephen Murray

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Stephen was formerly the CEO at CCMP Capital Advisors, which is a private investment company that focuses on leveraged buyouts and capital transactions. Stephen Murray had to resign from this post early because of certain health issues he was experiencing. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Stephen was born in late 1962, and spent his days living with his family in a New York suburb in Westchester. Before starting off his career, Stephen Murray attended the Boston College, where he was able to graduate with a Bachlor’s degree. In 1989, Stephen went on to study at the Columbia University and earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

In 1984, Stephen Murray venture into the world of employment, obtaining a job as a credit trainee at a New York company known as Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company. With his amazing work ethic and determination, Stephen was able to rise up and become a Vice President at the company.

He went on to join the team at MH Equity Corporation. This company was a combination of Manufacturers Hanovers Trust Company and one of its finance units. Chemical Bank went on to acquire the company in 1991, which cause MH Equity Corp to merge into Chemical Venture Partners. Finally, JP Morgan acquired the company as part of its own in 2000.

Stephen Murray was appointed as the companies head of bank buyouts in 2005. The company was mostly focused on investments within the middle markets and private clients. As a spin off from JP Morgan Chase, Stephen co founded CCMP Capital Advisors. Within just a year the company had is own teams for growth and equities.

In just another year Stephen was marked as the company’s Chief Executive Officer with his excellent knack for investing and making good deals within private equities.

A positive and worthy note was how dedicated a philanthropist Stephen Murray was, who enjoyed giving back to the community and helping others. He spent time supporting many charitable organizations, such as the Make a Wish Foundation and The Food Bank.

He also donated to the Boston College, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree and was known as Vice Chairmen of The Board of Trustees.

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Five-Year-Old Uses Ice Cream to Help Other Children

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Empathy for others is something that doesn’t necessarily need a great deal of time to manifest itself within humans. The latest evidence of this comes from Haylen Astalos, a five-year-old boy in Blackfalds, Canada, who took it upon himself to continue to set up an ice cream stand in order to continue helping other children who are suffering from illness.

This push to help others began nearly a year ago, when his family set up a unique birthday party last September that was charity-focused. The idea, which was dubbed a “five-for-five” party, had guests give Haylen two five dollar bills as a gift. Haylen would be allowed to keep one five but had to give the other to a charity of his choice.

In order to give him an idea of which charity he might want to donate that money to, his parents offered up a list. They then explained the basis for each of the charities and then allowed Haylen the opportunity to make the final decision. The ultimate decision was to give $100 to the Ronald McDonald House, which gave him a tour of the local facility as their way of saying thanks.

A few months after that visit, Haylen then asked his mother if they could build an ice cream shop in order to keep giving the House money. Soon, a makeshift, wooden structure was built and through community support, he was able to raise $2,617.21, which he donated to the House in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Charities Charity Making a Difference

A Salesman, a Car, and a High School Janitor’s Loss

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Wherever you are at a given time, hundreds of people are likely to pass you by without you paying them much thought. What if one person really stood out, though? Not romantically nor necessarily in a way that invites you to confront them, but in a way that peaks your curiosity so profoundly that you are drawn to their cause–something that you know nothing about.

Ernestina Nunez, a high school janitor, walked home from work each day. A lot of the time, she would be carrying heavy bags for long distances, but never offered any complaints. To her, this was a simple action that she had no choice but to do. To Richard Newberry, a car salesman at Spooner’s Tires and Auto, though, her action was admirable and, certainly, confusing.

Newberry had to stop Nunez one day to ask her why she was walking with such heavy bags; he even offered to sell her a car for $600. The strength of Nunez compelled her to say no–especially since she was unable to afford it. The salesman continued to lower his price with little expectation for her to say yes. After plenty of friendly badgering, Nunez broke down.

Recently, the high school janitor lost her son, Marine Daniel Nunez, overseas. Upon speaking his name, the tears began to flow. Newberry was so touched and disheartened by this woman’s reality, he offered her the keys to the car, free of charge. Naturally, Nunez declined, but Newberry was persistent. The end result? The charitable act of a lifetime.

Charity Freedom Service Dogs

Eric Decker Takes on New Charitable Role

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The Huffington Post published an article on a new charitable endeavor by Eric Decker, a third-round draft pick of the Broncos from the 2010 NFL Draft. He plays as a receiver for the New York Jets currently where he has been on the team since 2014. He is now combining his love of dog rescue with a desire to help out military veterans. His wife’s father currently serves in the military, which helped to prompt a connection with Freedom Service Dogs.

Through Freedom Service Dogs, Decker helps to raise funds for the rescue of shelter dogs and their training to become service animals for veterans in need. Right now, Decker says he is in the phase of trying to raise more awareness for the program so that they are able to rescue more dogs and get them trained quickly to be paired up with deserving vets. He says the cost of rescuing and training just one dog is about $25,000. In addition to helping veterans, some of the service dogs that have been trained through Freedom Service Dogs also go to help children in need, such as those suffering from cerebral palsy and other disorders.

Decker says he has truly enjoyed seeing the impact that the service dogs have on veterans. He notices that the veterans become more confident and productive in their daily lives through the support of a service dog. He says that the veterans tell him the dogs have been invaluable in transitioning back to civilian life.

Charity Research/Study

New Study on Negative Effects of Saying No to Giving

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The Huffington Post just published an article on the psychological aspects of charitable giving. While it is widely recognized that the act of spending money on other people can a positive impact on our mood, new research suggests that it also does not feel good for us to say no to giving.

A study was conducted at Simon Fraser University to show the emotional impact of declining to give to charity on undergraduate students. The students were awarded a small sum of money from a game and then were asked whether they would like to make a donation to a health charity for mosquito nets in Africa. For the students who chose not to make a donation or donated just a very small amount of their winnings from the game, they reported a dip in their positive emotional feelings from the baseline taken before the experiment.

Researchers say that the study was performed in order to find out how to best motivate people to give to charities. Often times, much of the research associated with charitable giving is associated with those who do decide to make donations. Far less research has been done as to the reasons why people choose not to make donations. Some psychologists say that the feelings of shame or not living up to personal understandings of what is right and wrong in terms of giving to others can contribute to negative feelings or reduce positive feelings when an individual decides not to make a donation to charity.

Amy Winehouse’s Charity Charity

How Amy Winehouse’s Charity Will Benefit Recovering Addicts

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The Amy Winehouse Foundation recently announced that it will start a rehabilitation center, which will benefit women who are seeking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. The launch of the rehabilitation center will coincide with the commemoration of five years since the brilliant singer passed on. The center has been christened Amy’s Place. Its purpose is to reintegrate recovering addicts into the society while ensuring that they live fulfilling lives, free of drugs and alcohol.

Amy’s Place will be located in East London. It will have the capacity to accommodate 16 women at a go. It targets addicts who are aged between 18 and 30 years. The foundation was set up with the aim of teaching the youth about the effects of drug abuse. Besides this, it nurtures the talent of artistes who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Once operational, the rehab will be managed by Centra Care and Support.

The Motivation behind Amy’s Place

The foundation came up with the idea of starting a female-only facility after the realization that women have a higher chances of relapsing than men. Those who are brought to the center will be taken through a 90-day training program, which will include activities such as reiki and yoga. The charity similarly hopes to form relapse prevention groups, which will be operational long after the program comes to an end.

The foundation has allocated sufficient funds to the program to ensure that those who take part come out sober, and ready to face life again. While speaking to the BBC, the foundation’s director, Dominic Ruffy, urged more stakeholders to come on board and support the initiative.

Charity End World Hunger Making a Difference

The Fight to End World Hunger

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A recent article published by The Huffington Post focuses on the fight to end world hunger. Ryan Cumming draws on his experience from international conferences on ending world hunger and increasing food security to summarize some of the latest theories on the most effective ways to eliminate world hunger. The general consensus seems to be that there needs to be less of an emphasis on increasing food production in individual instances and more of a focus on general development.

One of the biggest trends in focusing on development instead of just relief is microenterprise investments. What this does is allow for meaningful relationships within communities to develop, which is a huge leap forward in terms of encouraging sustainable development in the poorest areas of the world. Microlending has had a particularly significant impact on women in increasing their role in food production and giving them a greater sense of financial security and independence. This has also provided additional jobs for members of a community that would not otherwise have access to employment without having to travel far from their homes and families.

The overarching theme of all of the successful approaches to development is that the lenders or donors actually listen to the real needs of the individual community. Rather than using a top-down approach to relief, this style of development makes sure that the authentic needs of the local population are met in a way that empowers them to take control of their own economic development for years to come.

Charity Making a Difference

Ice Cream for Sick Children: A Little Boy Making a Difference

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Charitable individuals often demonstrate their kindness from a very early age. Take Haylen Astalos, for example; the five-year-old child combines his two favorite things each summer long: Ice cream and charity.

His adorable ice cream stand features popular ice cream flavors, delicious sugar cones, and enthusiasm that few can pass up–especially on warm summer days! Though most children his age use sweet little stands as a means to make some extra money for a new toy, Haylen uses his chilly funds for charity.

When it is time to close up shop each season, Haylen donates his earnings to help kids of all ages fight cancer. Surely such an inspirational little boy sparks plenty of curiosity, so when asked where his warm soul comes from, his parents provided insight into one of Haylen’s past birthday parties.

“It was a five for five party,” said his mother. Essentially, the guests are asked to bring two, five dollar bills. Haylen gets to keep one, but he must choose a charity in which to donate the other. While some children might groan at the thought of having to part with some serious cash, nothing brings this little five-year-old as much joy as donating does.

Though you might not believe a child can be admirable, they undoubtedly can, and Haylen Astalos is proof of that. His selflessness will surely carry over into his teenage and adult years, and his budding passion will only allow him to partake in even more incredible acts in the future.