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Barbershop Launches Literacy Program

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Fuller Cut, a barbershop from Michigan, launched a literacy program that will not only help improve children’s reading comprehension skills but also help families financially.

While Josef Jason, a 7-year-old regular client, sits excited on top of an antique chair in order to get a new haircut, Keith Jason, the father of Josef, waits happily for other reasons. At Fuller Cut, a barbershop which is located in Ypsilanti, children get a $2 discount if they read to their barbers out loud. On this occasion, the 7-year-old was reading “We’re Going on a Lion Hunt”.

For more than a year, hundreds of kids have read to their barbers at this location in order to get their discount. Josef’s father is personally very pleased with the program. He thinks that it will greatly benefit the youth of his community because it will encourage children to like reading. The teachers from this community are also very pleased with the barbershop’s mission since it does a lot for kids academically speaking.

The literacy program exists thanks to the efforts of Ryan Griffin, Josef’s barber. Griffin has been a barber for decades, and he got inspired to initiate such program when he heard of a similar one that was taking place in New York. Other barbershops across the United States have also embargoed on this noble idea as well. As soon as Griffin heard about the program, he asked his boss for permission, which was rapidly granted. Within less than two weeks, many residents from Ypsilanti had donated dozens of books.

But Griffin has taken his idea very seriously and has high expectations. At Fuller Cut, kids have to do more than simply read to their barbers out lout. The costumers are also tested. Kids must prove that they understand what they read; therefore, they have to do a quiz after they are done reading. Griffin expects that his program will help children personally and professionally. As a matter of fact, he hopes that some of his costumers become writers.

Keith also has a younger son, Joziah, whom he also takes to the barbershop consistently. He encourages him to read “challenging” books. A lot of black kids come to this barber shop, and most books here revolve around African American culture. For example, a lot of the books available here are about black baseball players or detectives. Some kids may not be too enthusiastic about reading. But in the end, they will save money, which is something.

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8 Tips For Finding A Rental In Panama

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Buying a rental property in Panama can be a tricky affair. As foreigners continue to flock to the investment heaven, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, a prominent businessmen has some word of advice for new entrants. Those who know Adrian understand that his advice holds immense value because of his experience in the real estate market. Interestingly, Adrián José Velasquez already holds three important positions in the industry. Currently, he is working on high-profile projects with five well-known Panamanian companies. Here are some of the tips for property owners interested in renting their properties.

1. Buy Below Market Value
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa insisted to buy the property below the market value to gain the maximum profit. Even if the market value goes down, the strategy will ensure that the owner gets good return-on-investment from rental recipes, in the long-run.

2. The Value of Right Neighborhood
Panama has various type of rental properties. Most high-end condos and properties in the city center are aimed at executives and entrepreneurs like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa seeking accommodation for a short period of time. Therefore, it makes sense to buy these properties.

3. Laws In Panama
It is important to familiarize oneself with the rental laws because authorities are keen to regulate the market.

4. Tenant Services
Properties with high-end amenities and parking space earn the highest income. If your tenants do not have a private place to park, make sure the street parking is secure on Many of the newest condominiums in Panama City also offer pool, gym, private parking, social areas, and security 24 hours a day.

5. Construction Quality
In Panama, the quality of buildings can vary greatly. Buying a condo, which needs repair, can work very well under the right market conditions, but is not always ideal for someone looking to buy a property for rent. If the property requires more work, you need to apply the finishing touches before the tenants moves in. Therefore, keep an eye on he finishing and remodeling costs.

6. Property Management
If you are mostly away from the location of the rental property, ensure adequate administration like Figueroa. Homeowners who remain absent often run into problems that could have been mitigated by frequent communication with tenants. Hence, it may be a good idea to hire a property management company.

7. Big Is Not Always Better
Buying a large property that does not demand high rental is not appropriate. Make sure that you are aware of the rent per square feet, instead.

8. Fluctuating Public Services
Since utility prices in Panama can fluctuate, you should insist that your tenant place these services under your name and pay them directly. Thus, if cost increases, or tenants fail to pay, you are not held responsible.

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What A Difference A Year Makes

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Today, I read an article on’s uplifting news column. It was about a 20-year-old student from Florida Gulf Coast University named Travis Miller. Since Miller said that he had the opportunity to fly around the country this year, he was going to use his time to help charitable organizations. His goal is to help 52 different non-profits in 52 weeks.


He will be working with an organization called Troolu, which helps other charitable organizations. His travels will take him around 20 different states, says the article. I must say that I was impressed that such a young person would care so much to help others.


Miller was quick to point out in the article that people do not have to travel around the country to help charities. All they have to do is invest a little time or money in a charity that is in their area. A person cannot do everything; but everyone can do something. Miller got some of his experience working with charities in his home town.


Since Miller will be chronicling his travels and efforts on Facebook, I am interested in following him. It takes a lot of courage and compassion to do what he is doing. He is a great example to his FGCU classmates as well as other young people around the world.


After I graduated college, I did some traveling for charity. I can understand the passion that drives Travis Miller. I had the opportunity to be an English teacher in Paraguay or Moscow, Russia. Since I would not have liked the heat and bugs of the jungle, I chose Moscow. It was a decision that changed my life forever. I sold most of my possessions and packed up to go overseas.


I worked for an English-teaching school in the heart of Moscow. I was involved with several American and European charitable organizations. During the day, I taught English and literature to school children. During the evenings, I tutored Russian adults in English as a Second Language. Some of my students came from the world-famous Bulshoi Theatre.


I appreciate reading about what Miller is doing. It is amazing that he is going to help 52 different organizations. If each one of us did one thing for a non-profit, we could really make a difference. That is what Travis Miller aims to do.

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Co-Washing Brought My Hair Back to Life

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I have to admit that as hair aged I felt as if I was at the mercy of the weather and there was no viable solution to my unmanageable frizz. I have thin hair (the good news is I can blow dry my hair in about five minutes) and I wash, dry and style my hair every morning. My routine may have dried my hair out and caused damage but if I didn’t wash it the natural oils would take over and my hair would look dirty and limp.

Enter co-washing (short for conditioner-only washing) and the change in my hair was instantaneous. I used Wen Cleansing Conditioner in the past and I loved it. The Sweet Almond Mint aroma was a pleasant way to start my day and I was never bothered by the lack of suds. The only excuse I have for not sticking with it was that I never got around to re-ordering. Anxious to get my new regime started, I visited the Wen by Chaz Dean site and noticed a fall fragrance that sounded appealing. Since I was stepping out of my comfort zone anyway, I decided to try the QVC advertised Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner.

The day I received my shipment I decided the next day would be a Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioning day. I fought the urge to wash and condition my hair as normal forgetting the bravery I felt when I first discovered the concept of co-washing. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the results. The Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner left my hair with a clean feeling and without the frizz. I didn’t need use additional product fearful that it would weigh down my hair and after styling I looked like I walked out of a salon.

Visit the Wen Twitter account and Facebook ( page today.

Need Wen?


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The OSI Group Offers Different Kinds Of Foods

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A varied diet is an essential thing to have in life. People need to consume calories from varied sources of all kinds. This is something that those at the OSI Group understand completely. They know that it is important to have access to varied calorie sources that are of high quality in order to stay in shape and make sure that the person gets enough vitamins and minerals each day. They also know that eating the same food items each day can help anyone feel great as they go about their day. OSI Group particularly understand that calories from protein are extremely important. Buyers from the OSI Group can pick from items that use protein well and offer an enticing bite that is sure to please anyone who loves well prepared protein. All the products they offer are products that are created to allow anyone to enjoy a taste of pork or one of chicken or beef. Each product on has been specially designed to offer a taste sensation that anyone of any background can enjoy.

Many Kinds Of Products

Customers can also pick from various kinds of preparations. One client might prefer to have chicken that is raw so they can turn into a product that is just right for their clients. They can find it here at OSI Group in the quantities they want to have on hand at any given moment so they can feed a small number of people or a larger group of people. The same is true of other items that can be found on the menu right here. The can find all kinds of cooked beef and pork products, enabling them to choose which kind of products they might like to serve their clients. In doing so, each company can pick out from items such as meatballs, prime ribs, pulled pit ham, pulled pork, pot roast and pan fried fritters of pork that are sure to please their clients. The variety here is one that helps any company offer a list of products that they know their clients will love eating at any time of the day. This allows the client to pick out from items that they know will help make sure they are offering the kind of items that are truly tasty and offer a great source of protein as well.

Creating A Menu

With help from the OSI Group, any of their clients can pick out a varied menu that is something all of their clients will adore. Each time they want something, all they have to do is order from here. Then they can be assured that the product will be delivered to their company in time for them to serve the needs of their own clients. They can also be assured that all those who rely on them can have the kind of meal they really like. This way all those who work with the OSI Group can be happy as they know they have great food they really love.

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8 Ways to Make Renting in Panama Better

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Not only has Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa worked in Panama and has found ways to help people who are planning to move to the country, he has also done it himself. He knows that he would be able to do more if Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa had learned these tips before he moved to the country.

When you follow the tips that Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has put together, you will have a better chance of having a more enjoyable experience in Panama.

Get a great neighborhood. Make sure that you know what you are getting into and that you learn as much as possible about where you are going to live. Make friends with other residents and learn the best places to shop and play.

Don’t be afraid of tiny houses on While you won’t find extremely big houses or anything that is mansion like, don’t worry. The houses are built to utilize all of the space in them so that you won’t feel too cramped.

Consider the market value like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. The value of the home should line up with the cost that you are going to pay to rent the home. If it doesn’t, try to find out why it is more or less expensive than what it should be.

Choose property management. A property manager will be able to help you get the most out of your rental home experience. This is something that should be chosen wisely as he or she will be helping you with the rental process.

If you are worried about your rental or how you are going to live, try to get as much information to Figueroa as possible before you make the decision to move. This will ensure that you know as much as you possibly can about the home.

While Panama does have some strict laws, things can be much different for outsiders and renters. Make sure that you learn the laws and always do your best to follow them.

Construction is a big business in Panama, but it is not something that is done uniformly. To protect yourself from a faulty home, hire an inspector who will help you learn more about the inside of your home and how it was built.

Utilities can be very expensive in Panama but they can also be very inexpensive depending on the time of year. Be ready for utilities that vary from month to month and can swing very high or low depending on the time of year.

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The Sad Passing Of Capital Specialist Stephen Murray

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The capital markets are quite fierce. Anyone who wants to be part of such markets needs to be fully willing to commit to such markets on Bloomberg and commit to them fully. This is something that Stephen Murray knew very well. I was someone who had the chance to work with him closely and learn from him even more. When doing so, I was always struck by his ability to balance work and his personal life. While he was devoted to his life at CCMP Capital, I was also pleased that he helped people at our firm learn how best to find a personal life of their own. It is easy to become immersed in the world of work and neglect to consider other interests. this was something that the late Mr. Murray knew could be a temptation. He knew that focus was important but it was also important to be balanced as well. Stephen Murray showed all of us that we needed to avoid losing sight of the very people we were supposed to serve. He did so by setting an example in his own personal life how to do exactly that.

Creating A Fine Company

Before his unexpected passing, Murray had done something amazing. He had entered the field of capital management as CCMP Capital and helped transform it. This is not easily done. After graduating with him in economics, I realized that I also wanted to enter the field of business but I wasn’t sure where I might start or how I might forge a life for myself. He was able to turn his work at Manufacture’s Hanover and create a company that was large enough to offer capital deals of all kinds to people. In his last years, one could see as CCPM Capital rose from a minor player to something much larger and really quite amazing. I watched as he expanded it from a single concept to one of the world’s largest private equity firms. I also watched as he helped to show us that making it a much larger firm like CCMP Capital need not leave him without time to do anything else. He was a devoted family man who made time not only for his family but also for his many causes. In thinking back on his life, I am aware of how much I can learn from his ability to mesh both the world of family and thew world of capital.


Goettl Air Conditioning Gives an Elderly Man a Cooler Summer

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A man in his 70s got the surprise of his life when local HVAC contractors, Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber gifted their time and resources to give him new plumbing and air conditioning.

Most people can’t imagine going through the summer, especially in the Las Vegas heat, without air conditioning. Jim Siler had been without working plumbing or air conditioning for a few months. He was on a fixed income, with mobility issues due to multiple strokes and treatments for cancer.

Along with the Bishop Gorman football team, The Sunny Plumber and Goettl Air Conditioning helped Jim Siler rectify his awful situation. They couldn’t stand to see Mr. Siler try to tough-out the brutal heat, especially with his age and medical conditions.

The owner of Goettl Air Conditioning believes it is his obligation to give back to the community. The Bishop Gorman football team cleaned and removed debris from Mr. Siler’s yard and helped fix his stairs to make the home safer. While the football players were doing that, The Sunny Plumbers and Goettl Air Conditioning fixed his plumbing and air conditioning system.

Goettl Air Conditioning donated $2,000 in products and services and The Sunny Plumbers donated $6,000. After his house reaching a top temperature of 127 degrees, Mr. Siler was left in his home feeling a lot more comfortable and grateful for the help.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a name that has been recognized for their excellence in the heating and air conditioning industry for years. The company was originally established in 1936, by Gust and Adam Goettl. They have prospered through seven decades of business.

Gust and Adam’s legacy continues today with the dedication of Goettl Air Conditioning. They are dedicated to customer service and providing the best products and installations. They have multiple locations, all with experienced management teams and highly trained technicians with great expertise.

They offer a range of residential cooling and heating services, including: air conditioning/heating installation/repair, maintenance and repair, emergency services available 24/7 and even improvement of indoor air quality.

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The Midas Legacy Gives People A Chance To Prioritize

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Everyone has a center. While everyone also has a need for finances so that they could take care of themselves, they also have needs that are a little different from finances in some cases. For instance, there are people that are struggling with emotional issues that could get in the way of their financial productivity. This is where The Midas Legacy comes in. While The Midas Legacy is here to help people with their finances and their business, the experts understand that people’s mind and emotions have to be in check so that they can function well and gain the finances needed for a comfortable life.

The Midas Legacy has services for every aspect of life. It doesn’t matter if it is starting a successful business or becoming a happier person. Where many other firms would consider those concerns to be irrelevant to financial prosperity at best, The Midas Legacy understands how one’s inner life could have an effect on one’s outer life. As a matter of fact, one’s financial life and management is influenced by one’s emotional state. As a matter of fact, some people find themselves addicted to shopping because of the gratification they get from buying a new item.

The Midas Legacy tackles this by getting to the root of the issue. The client is then encouraged to deal with the root issue so that he can more easily control his spending. He is also taught to think in the long term as well. When the client is given a shift in perspective, it could influence to not only curb his spending, but to also put his money towards more productive things. Among the activities that The Midas Legacy encourages is making investments. When people put their money to work for them, they will find that they will have even more left over to support themselves.

The Midas Legacy is one company that could be trusted to help people not only become rich financially, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The Midas Legacy is becoming the one stop shop for improvement in all aspects of life. The Midas Legacy will take clients from all walks of life as well.

Connect with The Midas Legacy:

Midas Legacy | LinkedIn

The Midas Legacy – Facebook

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How Habitat For Humanity & a Dallas Bank are Creating Homes For Lower Income Families

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Owning a home is a dream that most people strive for. No matter the location, having the rights to a home signifies a huge accomplishment in life. The Southern Region of Dallas, Texas has one of the highest areas of lower income families in the State of Texas. Since there is a limited access for mortgages in the area, Dallas Neighborhood Homes Foundation is teaming up with Habitat For Humanity and creating affordable home loans for the area thanks to NexBank.

NexBank is one of Dallas’ premier mortgage, commercial, and investment banking centers and is lending a helping hand by providing up to $50 Million in loan support over the next 5 years. Nexbank is also offering effective counseling through Habitat For Humanity’s Financial Services which prepares individuals for ownership. This is a great way to give back to the local community and NexBank plays a huge role of this entire process.

Other positive benefits of service is that NexBank is paying off title fees as well as $2,000 in closing costs. Closing costs are a huge benefit for any homeowner and it’s that last important payment before claiming the home. The business success of NexBank is what makes this all possible. The financial center is a powerhouse with it’s $3.5 Billion in Assets. The financial center delivers services such as:

Mortgage Banking
Investment Banking
Real Estate Investing
Commercial Banking
Corporate Advisory Services

Over the next 5 years the goal is to provide 100 loans for low income residents of the Southern Dallas Area. Dallas’ Habitat For Humanity’s senior vice president stated that he was grateful with the help from NexBank as it helps to provide home for people who are in need. NexBank SSB and (HFH) is revolutionizing the home owner process of the future.