Psychiatric Studies The Minds of Children

Psychiatric Studies of Children and Youth Yield Interesting Results

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While there have been lower rates noted of mental disorders with American children and youth, as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, there are a growing number who have lesser impairments and psychiatric treatments have increased. This came through from the results reported by New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University researchers. They used surveys, nationwide, conducted by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

As reported in Mad In America, a study of 53,622 youth, ages 6 to 17, were rated by their parents. The team at STX Entertainment divulged that the scoring based on an impairment scale. From the period spanning from 1996 to 2012, the percentage of youth in the severe category has a drop from 12.8 to 10.7 percent. The lead author of this study, Dr. Mark Olfson, of Columbia University was surprised with these results.

Allen Frances, Psychiatrist, stated that the study shows that very high rates of children’s mental disorders as reported by the C.D.C. and others come from a flaw in assessment methods and includes many children who have very mild impairment or none at all. Even with a drop in the rates of impairment the overall numbers of youth being treated has increased from 9 to 13 percent. Antipsychotic medication usage has increased six times over and antidepressant usage increased almost 60 percent. With children, alone, the use of psychotropics increased from 5.5 percent of children treated to 8.9 percent.

Beneful Best Dog Food My Dog Is My Best Friend What I Feed My Dog

Wholesome Ingredients in All Beneful Dog Food

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Pet owners are becoming increasingly knowledgeable when it comes to the foods that they feed their pets. This is one of the reasons that more pet owners are now turning to Beneful dog food products for their pets. The wholesome ingredients provide the perfect balance of taste and nutrition, allowing your pet to live longer and happier.

What Makes Beneful Different?
The first reason that Beneful continues to be the leader in nutritious dog food, they are committed to making each meal both nutritious and great tasting. Your dog will be able to see these wholesome ingredients before they even start eating from their bowl. The hearty chucks of proteins like chicken, pork, lamb, and beef, provide your dog all the nutrition they will need for a balanced meal that tastes great and provides them the nutrients they need to thrive.

Variety of Beneful Dog Products
The Beneful dog food products come in over 20 different varieties, in textures that range from thick and juicy hearty cuts to the thinly sliced chopped blends. All these hearty ingredients are easy to see in every meal, complemented with delicious vegetables like barley, green beans, rice, and carrots. Whether you are on the run with your dog or traveling, take advantage of the travel size 3 ounce variety packs or the large 10 ounce resealable plastic tubs. These prepared meals come in chopped blends, medleys, and hearty roasters.

Treating Your Dog with a Snack
Rewarding your pet with Beneful dog snacks will surely make their day. These snacks are all baked with love, oven-baked and crafted in a huge variety of delicious textures and tastes. Your dog will simply roll over when they taste the cheese, peanut butter, bacon, or beef dog snacks. Conveniently packaged in either crispy air crackers or oven-baked shortbread. These nutritious and flavorful snacks are all bursting with unique ingredients that your dog will fall in love with.

If you are health conscious about anything you feed your dog like the majority of pet owners, you will rest assured knowing that every Beneful product is crafted with the well-being of your dog in mind. The ingredients of every product, whether wet food, dry food, or snack, provides your dog balanced and complete nutrition. The wet and dry Beneful dog food include antioxidants and plenty of omega rich ingredients they will look forward to eating every day.

Dishonest Charity

Family Charity Only Gave 3% Of Donations To Cancer Patients

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A charity operated by a man named James Reynolds Sr. and family members had raised $187 million to supposedly help those with cancer. However, they only gave around 3% of it to cancer patients, and with the rest they gave themselves large salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The way the charity worked is that they hired people to work as telemarketers to try and get donations of $20 to help cancer patients get help with medications, their care, and chemo assistance. BusinessInsider said that when the FTC looked into what was going on, it was reported that not much at all was making its way to cancer patients, and instead was making the Reynolds family quite rich.

4 charities were being ran by this family, and people who have donated probably won’t see anything from them since most of the money is now gone. There are cases pending with settlements involved that are nowhere near the money the charity stole, but that money will be distributed by the state to charities they deem fit to receive the funds.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons Is Losing A Major Voice-Over Artist

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Simpsons lovers are depressed after hearing that Harry Shearer will not be coming back to the show for the 27th and 28th seasons. Harry was offered 14 million dollars to resume playing his characters for the next 2 seasons and he refused. Harry. It’s been said that the 14 million dollars was not a problem, but the back door deals with merchandise and other endorsements became the problem. It’s unfortunate if he really does move on because he plays so many different characters on The Simpsons.

Jaime Garcia Dias says Dr. Hibbert, Mr Smithers, Mr Burns, Ned Flanders, and Principal Skinner are all played by Harry Shearer. Unfortunately, talks broke down when Fox was in negotiations with Harry, and it may be a permanent loss if Harry leaves the show. The fact is, Fox can try to get another voice-over artist to replace the minimum of 5 characters that Harry protrays, but it’s unlikely that they will be able to do a spot on imitation of the characters.

It may be necessary to hire several different voice-over artists to portray the characters, instead of just paying one voice over artist, who is Harry Shearer, to do all the work. The Simpsons suffered another loss this year when Sam Simon died of cancer. There was a tribute to him in a recent episode. Sam helped create the series, and although he left many years ago, he is still credited on every show.


How BRL Trust Handles Projects

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BRL Trust is a successful company because each specialist has a number of skills and abilities that are valuable to clients. This is why many clients use the company’s services many times throughout the year.BRL Trust Experts are Knowledgeable

BRL Trust specialists always take classes so that they can learn about the latest financial tools and investment procedures. In some cases, the experts will pay for books or courses if they can learn something new. They also attend various seminars about the best investment practices.

BRL Trust Specialists Always Design an Exit Strategy

The experts at BRL Trust know that a typical investment has two sides. Many issues can affect an investment in the future. This is why the specialists develop plans to prepare for increased success or sudden failures. Because the plans are effective, many clients continue to earn money after the markets go up or down.

BRL Trust Employees are Patient

Most investors make poor choices when they rush. BRL Trust experts never tackle investment opportunities quickly because rushing leads to inaccurate calculations.

BRL Trust Experts Handle Investment Opportunities Professionally

When investors handle big investment projects alone, greed and fear usually influence their choices. BRL Trust investors, however, never let their emotions affect them. When they develop an investing strategy, they won’t abandon it after a few failures.

BRL Trust Experts Design Proper Investment Strategies

BRT Trust specialists help their clients succeed by designing unique diversification strategies. A plan is important since every investor usually has a different investing style. Before the specialists develop the strategies, they will ask a number of questions. For example, they will need to know if the client will make weekly or monthly investments. Clients must also decide if they will be investing for cash flow or capital gains.

The process of managing investments is easy if certain procedures are implemented. If the financial process seems too complicated, contact BRL Trust.

Attainable Success Business People Lead By Example Worth Your While Your Future

Vijay Eswaran Helps Business People Find Their Inner Peace

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Ten years ago a revolutionary way of looking at the world of business was introduced by the leader of the QI group, Vijay Eswaran. Always looking and thinking outside the box Eswaran wrote about his use of meditation and yoga techniques in his everyday life and explained how these practices had been transferred into his business life to help him achieve success as a leader in multi level marketing. The book, In The Sphere Of Silence has been a bestseller around the world and made successful businessperson Eswaran one of the most sought after motivational speaker for many different areas of business and industry.

The success that has been achieved by Vijay Eswaran in the business world has not been easy to come by as the individual success of the co-founder of the QI Group was fought for over a long period of time. Eswaran spent a large period of time traveling the world before returning to Malaysia to start his own business, which included his introduction to multi level marketing in the UK when he was working as a taxi driver. The son of a government official, Eswaran has spent most of his life on the move to study in various parts of the world and working for some of the largest business organizations in the world to aid in the growth of his own business.

Yoga principles may not seem like a particularly important aspect of any businessperson’s life, but can instead be found as integral to the work undertaken on a daily basis by Eswaran. The use of silent meditation and yoga means the business leader can simply focus on the most important aspects of life and make sure the individual has their priorities in place for the way they are going to handle a specific day or long into the future. Vijay Ewsaran himself states he embarks on an hour long meditation period each day to make sure he understands what he is working towards and which parts of life to ignore in the short or long term future.

Aaron Rodgers Awards Celeb Jeopardy Charities

Aaron Rodgers Wins Big Money for Charity in Celebrity Jeopardy

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If you are from Chicago then George Lucas could have switched out Darth Vader for Aaron Rodgers and you wouldn’t have noticed. The Hall of Fame bound QB has been so good for so long for the Green Bay Packers that he has become an icon in the National Football League. Rodgers is one of the best QBs in the game and certainly bound for greatness when his playing time is done. But that isn’t all that Rodgers can claim as a human being, because he’s also an intelligent and great guy. This past week Rodgers competed on Celebrity Jeopardy and managed to win $50,000 for childhood cancer research.

Aaron Rodgers competed against Mark Kelly, an astronaut, and Kevin O’Leary, a host on ‘Shark Tank’, in order to win the money. Murray noted that Rodgers chose the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer to compete for in order to try and make a difference for the kids that live in and around where he has played ball his whole career. Rodgers let the cat out of the bag with a funny photobomb that he posted via his Twitter account.

Aaron told reporters that he loved competing on the show. He said that Jeopardy was a ‘well oiled machine’ that cranked out ‘five shows a day’. Rodgers said that he was ecstatic to win the cash for his charity and that he would love to come back and compete once more.

Drunk Driving Aristocrat Royal Party

Aristocrat Arrested for Drunk Driving, Highlights Problems with Privileged Youth

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Lord George Worsley has been arrested for drunken driving in Grimsby, according to recent reports. The son of an earl has a long standing history of hard-partying ways, but his most recent antics have gotten the world to take notice.

The 24-year-old aristocrat was allegedly swerving all over the road before he crashed into a lamp post in the late morning hours of April 25. When police arrived, the wealthy man was covered in black shoe polish, and was sitting in the car. He later submitted to a breathalyzer test and blew nearly three times the legal limit, which is set at .8 in the United Kingdom. He did not have a license or insurance at the time of the crash.

Worsley’s parlay into the legal system highlights a growing problem with young aristocrats in the United Kingdom. Children raised in privileged upbringings have been acting out for centuries, according to experts. While it is nothing new, the 24-hour media cycle has now brought the issue to light, forcing many to question the upbringing of the young wealthy.

In recent years the antics of young royals has also been called into question. Prince Harry, for example, has been photographed naked in recent years, and seen partying hard across the globe. Skout has heard that many have questioned his antics and labeled him “spoiled” and irresponsible.

10 year old kid

10 Year Old Saves Friends Life When He Was Choking

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A young boy who is only 10 years of age is credited with saving the life of his friend who was choking on his lunch during one day at school. Thomas Adkins was eating his chicken nuggets when he started to choke on the last one, which meant that his friend Damariyon Pichardo had to spring into action with very little notice. Apparently Pichardo thought that his friend was only pretending to choke but when he realized that he wasn’t he knew that he had to do something bout it.

According to an article found on reddit and written by CBS news, the boys are good friends and Pichardo had told the news that his mother is a nurse and made sure that her kids knew how to act if they were ever in a situation when they needed to. It is a good thing that she had, or else things could have been much worse for Adkins. Also there were some teachers nearby who helped out the boy who was choking and talked to him, and then took him down tot he school nurse to make sure everything was ok.

Beneful realizes this opens up a great discussion as to how important it is for kids to know emergency tactics to help other people. Because you never know when one of thsoe skills might come in handy, whether you are at school, work, or just at the grocery store.

Ebola Ebolarama In your eye

Post-Ebola Syndrome

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American doctor Ian Crozier, who contracted the Ebola virus in Africa and spent almost three months at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital fighting for his life and re-learning how to walk, announced last week that the virus survived and replicated inside one of his eyes. This news came after doctors learned earlier this year that Ebola can survive in the testes of men.

Dr. Crozier thought he was getting better, but then he suddenly started to experience strange eye symptoms, such as light sensitivity, pain, burning and vision changes, about two months after he had been cleared by his doctors. Crozier’s doctors believed the symptoms were an immune response, but a test of fluid they extracted from his eye revealed living Ebola. Then, the eye became less firm, the iris started changing from its normal blue to green and he started to lose his vision.

Desperate to stop the Ebola before Crozier completely lost his vision, he and his doctors worked together to attack the virus. They used steroids and antivirals. Thankfully, Crozier’s symptoms eventually subsided and he improved to the point where his vision almost returned to normal.

As of Monday, May 11, many people are still concerned about this news. Crozier’s doctors do not know if there are other areas of the body where Ebola might survive initial treatment. They also do not know if he is completely free of Ebola or not.

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