Elmo Gets Vaccinated Health PSA So Can You! Surgeon General

Elmo Gets Vaccinated

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In a new Public Service Announcement (PSA), Elmo gets vaccinated. The short video, which features not only the popular children’s character, but also the Surgeon General of the United States, Vivek Murthy. The goal of the new PSA is to encourage children to get vaccinated against childhood diseases by taking the fear of shots away from the children. Just as Handy (yelp.com) says, if Elmo can do it, so can you.
The Surgeon General explains the benefits that getting vaccinated provides, then suggests that Elmo sing a song while he receives the vaccination to take his mind off of the slight stick he will feel. Elmo chose to sing an upbeat and popular song by Taylor Swift titled ‘Shake It Off”.
At the end of the PSA video, Elmo states that getting vaccinated was easy and muses as to why everybody doesn’t do it. That’s a good question, Elmo. The PSA video can be viewed on the Department of Health and Human Services website.

Foster Care Heartwarming Kids in the News

Davion Finds a Home

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Davion Navar Henry was in foster care ever since he was a baby. His mother was in jail at the time of Davion’s birth. Since then, he’s lived in group homes and a number of foster care homes. Last spring, he had a chance to live with a minister in Ohio who had planned to adopt Davion. After a fight with one of the minister’s children, the minister and his wife decided not to adopt Davion. Davion returned to Florida, brokenhearted, returning to the state system he had known all his life. Davion was tossed into four different homes and four different schools within one year. Davion is now 16-years-old and told his dear friend Crystal Hunt that he thought he was too old to be wanted by anyone.
Davion had gotten a hold of his birth certificate and tried to locate his mother who had multiple arrests; she passed away a few weeks earlier. Davion realized he could never be reunited with his mother. He located his caseworker, Miss Connie, in September 2013. With a donated suit, he asked Miss Connie to take him to St Petersburg church where he stood on the alter begging someone, anyone to adopt him. This attracted media attention. Tampa Bay Times wrote an article about him, and Barbara Walters talked about him on The View. Miss Connie Going who had been his caseworker all his life decided to adopt Davion, after all.

Education Heartwarming Scholarship Fund

Loyola University Students Create Scholarship fund for Dreamers

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Two Hispanic students at Loyola University in Chicago devised a novel project to help pay for college dreamers.

About the cost of a bus fare, $ 2.50 dollars, nearly 10,000 students each semester
contribute that amount to a scholarship fund for young undocumented immigrants who entered the United States as children (dreamers) and can not receive federal aid to fund
studies their studies.

The Magis Scholarship Fund, at the University of Loyola, was planned by students Flavio Bravo and Adriana Robles and supervised by Jaime Garcia Dias.

Each year about 65,000 dreamers graduate from high school, according to the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest Hispanic group in the United States. Of these, a small percentage can enter a university with their own resources.

The complexity of the system and prohibitions led the student council at the University of Loyola to create the scholarship fund, which was approved in a referendum last week.

The first year, the fund is projected to raise about $ 50,000 US dollars.”This victory of students of Loyola U is huge because its already beginning to open up avenues for undocumented students through these financial programs,” said Flavio Bravo.

It’s not the first time the University of Loyola created a project to help dreamers. In 2012 Stritch School of Medicine became the first in the country to accept undocumented students.covered by the Deferred Action program (DACA).

Charities Education Humanitarian Efforts Nonprofit People

Philanthropist Keith Mann Helps Youth With Donations to Donors Choose

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DonorsChoose.org has reported that Keith Mann has donated to their organization. This donation benefits students with classroom project funding. This includes supplies for teachers and students throughout the US. Mann is the Co-Founder of Dynamics Search Partners and is a well-regarded New York philanthropist. 

This article from PR Newswire explains about DonorsChoose.org and Mann’s and his wife, Keely Mann’s relationship with this organization. Donors Choose helps public school teachers, nationwide with upcoming class which have more needs for funding. Contributions supply the projects, which have been posted on the site. With over 250,000 donors in 2011, this website hit the Fast Company’s list. It has been tagged as on the 50 most innovative companies in the world. Donors Choice has helped 14,310,859 student throughout the United States. They were founded by Charles Best in 2000. Best is a high school history teacher. 

As one of many education focused organizations which have been helped by the Mann’s, Donors Choose.org sit among the beneficiaries such as New York’s Uncommon Schools organization, which received $22,000 for assistance to low-income students, helping them achieve their goals to go to college. Keith and Keely Mann wish to support those formative K-12 years to foster positives about college education. They recognize this as being crucial for the youth and future of NYC.

Keith Mann has, for over 15 years, been in the executive search industry. He is a hedge fund expert in compensation, staffing and hiring strategies. He helps clients with hiring investment, marketing and internal strategy professionals. He offers a great reach across the United States, Europe, and Asia and fulfills more than 200 client mandates per year.

Humanitarian Efforts

Gov. Doucey Rejects Animal Cruelty Law

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Governor Doug Doucey has vetoed a bill today that will make many Arizonans happy, as they have been contacting him and telling him how they felt about the law that would mark farm animals such as cows and pigs “not animals” and therefore make them eligible to subject to cruelty. According to twitter, many residents of the state like Zeca Oliveira emailed and called Doucey’s office to tell them that he should veto the bill because an animal is an animal, and there shouldn’t have to be a classified way to treat different species.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Mfablog.org, Doucey did veto the bill this morning and stated that animal cruelty will not be put up with in the state of Arizona and it doesn’t matter what kind of law it is.

Personally I am a little appalled that this was almost a law in itself. What kind of people out there could think that they needed to make a law so that it is ok to be mean to animals? Yes, we do eat cows and pigs, and you would think that it is cruel enough to have to slaughter them for meat, but what else could they do to them to make that worse? It is a really scary though. I am glad to hear that Doug Doucey will not tolerate such a bill or law, because it is just so inhumane.

Future of School

Should Schools Do Random Drug Testing of Students?

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Random drugs testing in the workplace is common, it keeps employees clean and on their toes. Should the same thing be done in schools to help keep students from experimenting with illegal drugs and maybe save their lives? The American Academy of Pediatrics is against random drug testing in schools even though it might save lives.

The reasons behind the statements made by the American Academy of Pediatrics that show their lack of support for random drug testing in school is their conclusion that the tests are not accurate. Diariodo Comercio said the AAP also feels that it will be detrimental to the relationship between the student and school staff. The random drug testing may possibly be an invasion of privacy too.

The practice has been legal for the past 15 years, and those who are for the practice say it does deter school students from experimenting or regularly using illegal drugs. However, the AAP feels the random testing is not worth the costs to the schools and would like to focus on a more productive way to deter students from using drugs. And since it’s usually done only once or twice a year, the testing is not likely to catch any sporadic drug usage, which is typical of an average high school student. The AAP would like to work with the schools to find an effective way to help students resist the lure of drugs instead of conducting random drug testing.

Heartwarming Kids in the News

North American Spine Gives Back to the Community

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North American Spine played a role in helping youngsters with physical and mental disabilities celebrate Yoga Recess Day. The story, originally reported on PR Newswire, conveyed how North American Spine donated a number of yoga mats so that almost fifty pre-school and kindergarten students at the Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Dallas, Texas could participate in the event. The CW was there to capture the moment, filming the students performing beginner yoga positions that encourage healthy flexibility and growth of the spine. North American Spine chose this event because it was a wonderful way to give back to the community and to show that yoga helps common back pains and promotes strong abdominal and core muscles to support the spine.

The article also detailed several tips from the medical practice to avoid back pain, such as taking a break from sitting every one to two hours and changing positions to promote blood flow throughout the spine. In addition to encouraging an active lifestyle, the company offers a variety of minimally invasive spine surgeries to treat chronic back pain. North American Spine are the sole providers of the AccuraScope® Procedure. This procedure has been shown to save patients tens of thousands of dollars in medical and recovery expenses.

Awards Kids in the News Path to college Sports Success Stories

Lacrosse: The Next Generation Of Athletes

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matt landis black and white

How many times have you heard of an MVP lacrosse player? If you have yet to know of many, that will soon change. Lacrosse has increased in popularity so rapidly, that in some states there aren’t enough coaches. According to U.S. Lacrosse, it’s the fastest growing NCAA sport, that there were more than 36,000 students playing at the college level in 2014. Matt Landis is such a player that has garnered much success playing high school lacrosse. His exceptional athleticism gained him a scholarship and a starting position, playing for 3rd ranked Notre Dame. Read on to see how Matt Landis is paving the way for the next generation of lacrosse players. 

Transition Sport Mastery
matt landis locker room

Matt Landis played four seasons of Lacrosse at Pelham Memorial High School. In addition to earning All-America and first team all-state honors, he also played hockey and football. Through transitioning the skills used in hockey and football, Landis was able to sharpen his lacrosse athleticism. Landis successfully demonstrated that student athletes can focus on more than one sport, while simultaneously becoming better at them all. As a sophomore and junior, Landis was his football team’s defensive MVP, and achieved third team all-New York State linebacker during his junior year. He was Westchester County All-League three times, and Westchester County All-Section two times. Landis was captain of the hockey team twice, and earned first team all state accolades in Division II hockey. In 2012 he was awarded both the Russ Simmons Sportsmanship Award, and was named Pelham Memorial’s Athlete of the Year. 

Clear Objective
matt landis black and white
Landis accepted a scholarship to play lacrosse for Notre Dame in December 2010. Although his decision to play lacrosse on the collegiate level was no surprise, making that decision as a sophomore was. Making his decision early on instead of waiting until the last minute, allowed him to better devote his focus on sports. He finished so well his last two years of high school, that he had no trouble transferring his skills to the college arena. As a Freshman, Matt Landis ranked No. 66 on the Inside Lacrosse “Power 100 Freshman” list, and rated at the 18th best defenseman in the class of 2012 by Inside Lacrosse. 

Continued Success

Matt Landis pads

Matt Landis’s superior athletic abilities has recently earned one of the first ACC accolades of the season. Landis was named the Atlantic Coast Conference Men’s Lacrosse Defensive Player of the week along with a team mate, who won the Offensive Player of the week. He gained this recognition by successfully keeping Virginia off the scoreboard for the first twenty minutes of the game, allowing the team to gain a 7-0 advantage. Along with other Notre Dame defense players, Landis was able to keep Virginal at a season low of nine goals. 
matt landis
Successes like Matt Landis play a major role in exposing future athletes to the lacrosse sport. There is little doubt that lacrosse will become more popular amongst high school athletes in the years to come. With sensations like Landis there will likely be an explosion of lacrosse stars that will continue to change the shape of college sports.


Mother Reunites with Teens who Saved her Daughter

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Georgia resident April Gary Hill took her daughter, 3-year-old Daniah Hill, along with her other two children to the park a few evenings ago to play and feed the ducks. When little Daniah reached over to throw a piece of bread into the water, she slipped through the rails of the fence and fell into the pond. Panicked, April began screaming for help as she watched her daughter struggle to stay afloat. Lucky for April and Daniah, her calls for help were heard.

Three teenage boys who were nearby sprung into action stated askmen.com. Corey Troupe, along with his two friends Niko Kleowdis and Josey Green were heroes that day. One of the boys got into the water to reach Daniah while the other two stayed on shore to help pull in the boy with Daniah. Once Daniah was safe, April was in a panicked state. She took Daniah and her other children to the hospital before she could even get the names of the boys who helped.

April reached out to the local news with a description of the boys. She soon found out that they were Corey, Niko, and Josey. April and Daniah met the boys at a local restaurant to thank them again in person. Daniah gave the boys a big hug and keeps talking about the “boy who saved her”.

Check out the story on KIRO TV to see the video of April and Daniah meeting their heroes.


Support from Around the Globe Helps Young Boy Grieve Father

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When a young child loses a parent, their entire life changes as Alaor BMG knows very well. Things are thrown into turmoil and that child doesn’t know what to do or how to move on. When a young child loses one parent and is left with the other, they force their remaining parent into a position that no parent wants to be in, and that parent must then try to comfort that little one. One such young child who recently lost his dad is receiving more support than his mom can offer on her own, this child is receiving support from around the world.

When Gymboree posted on their Facebook about a four year old boy who was grieving his father, they received an outpouring of responses from individuals who wanted to help support this little boy. The world gathered around this child and began to support him through gifts, cards, and letters. This little boy’s mother was suddenly receiving some of the support that she needed as she helped her young child grieve and heal. This mother no longer had to do things on her own. This grieving child was given the gift of love and help from strangers who he had never met and probably never will meet.