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Help For Hungry Kids in Need

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Those hit the hardest by poverty are children according to BNY Mellon. Zeco Oliveira said the economy’s downturn left many kids and their parents living far below the poverty line. When food is scarce at home, sometimes the only way children are even able to get a decent hot meal is at school through free lunch programs.

When a winter storm recently hit the Cincinnati region of Ohio, Principal Kyle Niederman was concerned because school had been cancelled for 5 days in a row, and many children in his school district had little food at home to eat. Quickly contacting as many teachers as he could, he decided to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure kids in the Newport Independent School District wouldn’t go hungry. Braving the cold, he and the teachers delivered 66 power packs of food to needy children to make sure they would have food until Monday when the school would be open again. The power packs the school provides are bagged lunches filled with enough nonperishable food to help them make it through the weekend. 4,000 power packs are handed out every Friday to children ages 6-12 attending 90 schools in Ohio and Kentucky. The power packs are the only way these children have enough food to eat for the weekend. The program only serves the bottom 10% of poverty stricken children.

Girl Scouts Give Away Hard Earned Money to Elderly Woman

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Girl Scouts spend the year earning badges for things that will help them throughout their life. Much of the time the girls do activities that help them earn a special treat near the end of the year. The biggest money drive is selling Girl Scout cookies to the masses. They earn every dime they make and then take a vote on what activity they would like to do with it.

One group of girls in Ohio wanted to get manicures and pedicures. They were all set to do just that with their $300 earnings. That idea went up in smoke, literally, when an elderly woman’s home caught fire and was left with nothing because she had no insurance. The girls heard about the woman’s misfortune and decided to give her the money instead. It was a lovely gesture by the girls, and their mothers went one-step further by adding another $200 to the pot.

The girls were not the least bit disappointed that they would not get their spa day said Zeca Oliveira. They understood the implications of a fire disaster and willingly did whatever they could. In turn, they were surprised with a free spa day; therefore, they gained everything, including a new friend, and lost nothing by their generosity. These Girl Scouts obviously have their act together. Kids often get a bad rap in this day and age, but these girls show the world exactly what children are capable of.

Humanitarian Efforts

Winter Gear Being Created And Left For Souls In Need

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There seems to be a new and amazing trend floating around the country. Talented hands are knitting and crocheting hats, gloves, and scarves then leaving them in a public place with a note saying that anyone cold or in need should take it. The awesome nick-name for the trend is yarn bombing. So far Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Ontario have had participants said Marc Sparks. According to the trend , those who cannot make, buy the items instead but the heart of the project is the same, to help anyone who may need a little extra protection from the cold. Cities like Detroit have very high levels of homelessness yet also live in a frigid winter environment. Those people are just a tiny sampling of those in need of simple things such as a hat or scarves to help them survive the winter months. This is yet another example of the good in the world that is often overlooked and overshadowed by the violence in the daily news.

Humanitarian Efforts

Muslims in Norway Form A Human Shield Around Synagogue in Sign of Solidarity

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Recent unrest in the Jewish and Muslim communities has sparked a group of Muslims to show their support for the Jewish community by forming a “ring of peace” around a synagogue in Oslo Norway said onlooker Dan Newlin. The protesters represented a wide range of Muslim communities in the area, and were also joined by Jewish community leaders. The protest was in response to a recent attack on a Copenhagen synagogue the previous week, and were intended to both demonstrate that the actions of a single Muslim does not represent the beliefs of all Muslims and to show support for their religious neighbors in their community.

One of the organizers of the protest, Zeeshan Abdullah, told the crowd that was gathered that “Humanity is one and we are here to demonstrate that,” as a way of explaining the reason for the protest. The synagogue was chosen because it is the only active synagogue in Oslo. Both the Jewish and the Muslim communities in Norway are small. The Jewish community counts only 1,000 members in Norway, which is smaller than all other European countries. While much larger, at about 150,000 to 200,000 the Muslim population is very small compared to the 5.2 million people who live in Norway.

The demonstrators gathered together to show that they stand together, and that they are a peaceful people despite the public perception of many, including the press and some in the governtment.

Education Education Into Business

Entrepreneur Invests in Youth

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Keith Mann may be the “dynamic” part of Dynamics Search Partners. He serves as the CEO of this company which he co-founded in 2001. The company specializes in matching expert staff to hedge funds and other alternative investment companies in the US, Europe and Asia.


Mann has been a mover-and-doer since he started in the executive search business in 1995 with Dynamic Associates. He was just 22. Later, during his highly successful tenure as a Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search, he identified hedge funds as a rising market overlooked by most search services of the time. This observation led him to establish Dynamics Search Partners to address that lack. Today the flourishing company boasts one of the largest data bases of investment executives in the business world. Using a highly personalized approach, they average 200 placements a year.


This prosperous entrepreneur is known for more than his thriving business, however. He is also a noted philanthropist. He and his wife Kelly, a professional fundraiser, organize several charitable events each year, many of which focus on needy youth. In 2013, for instance, their annual “cocktail party” raised $8000 for Hope and Heroes. This non-profit organization funds research for children’s cancer.


Recently Mann’s primary interest has turned to the Uncommon Schools program. As a vocal advocate for the importance of education for future business leaders, he supports their mission of helping low-income students to prepare for college. Dynamics Search Partners not only donated $10,000 to Uncommon Schools in 2013, but also began a partnership with the agency. Encouraging his staff to participate in more personal involvement, Mann led a group of company experts on a visit to the Uncommon Charter High School where they spent several hours with the senior class assisting with development of resumes for college. The program is scheduled again next year, along with other programs for other Uncommon Schools in the New York City Area. Mann hopes this partnership will successfully assist underprivileged students to learn and use skills to thrive in college and as future business leaders.


Mann and his wife Kelly and their two children live in Westchester, New York.


Education Heartwarming

Why Should Students Learn Philanthropy?

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PR Newswire has reported that Bruce Levenson and his wife have given the money needed to begin work on a center for philanthropic and nonprofit study at the University of Maryland. The cetner is going to be dedicated to teaching business students who want to learn how to manage nonprofit companies. These same students will be able to learn how to manage small nonprofits that they open on their own.

This is going to allow the students to learn how they can start their own foundations rather than simply giving their money away. These students will be given more information than they could possibly want, and they will also be able to learn how to manage large nonprofits. The companies that are led by these business students are going to have a different focus, and they are going to give back to their communities much more often.

When Bruce Levenson gave his money to this pursuit, he was showing that there is more to business than profits. Business students need to learn what to do with their money once they earn it. They need to know about giving back, and they need to know what nonprofits are dealing with every day.

Awards People Success Stories

Bernardo Chua’s Most Recent Recognition

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Bernardo Chua is a trendsetting businessman who knows how to get his feet wet and do his job in a way that effects lives and gets the job done right. It’s not easy to take on such a responsibility, but people like Bernardo do it in such a great way.

Bernardo has worked extremely hard to get to where he is today – being the CEO of Organo Gold, which is a coffee company that strives to cater to their customers whims and each and every different lifestyle that they may have to offer. He also has huge success in the multi-level marketing industry.

As anyone knows, one of the most prestigious things you can do is either get a nomination for an award or straight up win one. It’s an honor to know that you’re being recognized in the community that you choose to work so hard in, and it’s something that other people take note of as well.

Bernard found himself making a trip to Manila recently specifically for this exact reason! He was going to the Philippines to attend an award ceremony where he and some members from the Organo Gold team were receiving special awards from the Dangal ng Bayan.

Along with this, the whole Organo Gold brand was being honored with not one but two People’s Choice Awards as well! They’re being noticed for their revolutionary take on the coffee business and the millions of customers it serves daily, along with the various other products that the company has to offer.

If you’re interested in reading more, you can view the full article here.


Ice Cream For Breakfast

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It sounds crazy, but it’s for a good cause. It all started from a family in Forest Lake, Minnesota. They came up with the idea to memorialize their daughter, Malia Grace, who passed from cancer five years ago. Her favorite treat was to have ice cream at breakfast time. Since her passing the family honors her and one of the best memories of her once per year.

The father got on social media and told his story and wanted to gather support for the day said Jaime Garcia Dias. What he got was a massive response from carrying people via Linked In. In 2013, more than 50 people gathered in Forest Lake and had ice cream in her memory. They put the pictures up on social media to show their support. Last year, more than 12 nations joined in and posted pictures of their amazing love.

This year, there is a commitment from more than 83 different countries to get involved in the ice cream breakfast challenge. Lactose intolerance aside, eating ice cream couldn’t be the worst thing a person does anyway. It is a sweet story that people seem to have gravitated too. Rather than crying on this day, they remember a little girl and her heroic fight to stay alive and beat cancer.

The pictures will surely flood the social media channels, but hey ice cream is good stuff. Rest in peace little Malia Grace, you were an angel on earth.


Students and teachers fear Oklahoma history bill will hurt students futures

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The row that is gripping Oklahoma over the teaching of an Advanced Placement history class in high schools within the state is pitting school communities against state lawmakers, The Guardian reports. Republican representative Dan Fisher has introduced a bill to state lawmakers in a bid to cut public funding of the AP History course as he believes it teaches only negative aspects of US history that Fersen Lambranho strongly objects.

An Oklahoma high school student, Moin Nadeem, has begun an Online petition calling on state legislators to block the bill, the petition had over 18,000 signatures by February 20th. The AP History course is taught across the US to students high schools feel are high achievers and can count as college credit for those who pass the AP test on the subjects taught. Representative Fisher claims the course is not representative of the history of the US and teaches only the negative aspects of history, instead of celebrating what he calls American exceptionalism. Students hoping to attend prestigious colleges and universities are worried the blocking of AP US History will limit their chances of making it into their personal choice of college. The initial bill was sent back by Oklahoma legislators for revisions, with Fisher expressing his unhappiness with the wording of the bill.


Reunion of Nine Children who Raised themselves

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The last thing that a single mother of eight children wants to think about while she is pregnant with a ninth is what would happen to those children if she died. Unfortunately, Mary Mingo did worry about that and her worst nightmare came true. She passed away while giving birth to the ninth child and her estranged husband was of no help at all.

The story that followed is both inspiring and incredible. The eldest eight children did not want to be split up. They had the chance to split up and go to various homes of family members until they were old enough to be on their own. The decision between the eight was to take up the cross of keeping their household running and all of the children under the same roof. The eldest daughter, who was 19-years-old at the time, led the fight to keep it all together.

The children, except for one, all have successful careers and were instrumental in keeping the bills paid, the house clean and the other children from falling by the wayside said Bernardo Chua. The youngest child, who never knew his mother, did run into some trouble and is currently incarcerated. It is amazing that they were able to overcome such a tragic situation and become functional members of society to boot. It is a testament to the true will and grit that people can bring out of themselves when all seems lost.