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How To Target SEO Keywords The Right Way

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Search engine optimization is the most important part of attaining more growth and development. The problem for most people when it comes down to SEO is not knowing exactly how to utilize the right keywords. Keyword density plays a major role with what happens to your site and how far you can go with achieving rankings in the search engines. There are so many easy ways to achieve success with your keywords if you do it right.

How To Target SEO Keywords The Right Way

– Only Use The Right Amount Of Keywords

In the past, most people would repeat their keywords over and over again, and while it worked before to get the search engines to notice, Google would eventually change their algorithm. In fact, they have people who go through different key phrases every day to check up on which sites are actually providing content related to the keyword being typed in to Google. It’s easy to manipulate the search engines, but these manual moderators that Google hires is ultimately the reason why so many people are confused about the search engine. You may be able to manipulate it once or twice today, but it can be thrown away if the content does not match the keyword.

– Use Multiple Keywords

It’s so important that you always do correct keyword research so that you can find keywords that you could use throughout your site. For example, you really need to make sure that you have more than just your main keyword. Grab some long tail keywords that each have their own volume search and target them throughout your site.

White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a company who has helped numerous brands and local companies attain their online growth that have helped them achieve massive success online. Ranking for a high search volume keyword is not always easy. It can take some serious work and time to be able to have your site rank high if you don’t have much experience. Hiring this team will go a long way for your career and your website.

SEO is an ever growing part of Internet marketing. It requires some serious patience and knowledge to know what is going to work for your site specifically. Working with an experienced team will only help you save time and make better choices online. Your site will rank high if you have a professional help you.

Wear Something Good

A Good Fit For Men

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A good shoe can make or break an outfit, it can give you the confidence you need to get that job you’ve been striving for or make you feel good when you take your partner out on a romantic date. People forget that comfort is just as important as style, if you’re wearing a shoe that is too stiff for a fragment too wide you can end up injuring yourself and destroying the shoe. Men’s shoes have come a long way through the years and as the times changed to did the average man’s shoe.

In medieval times, italian shoes where an above average luxury which only the highest aristocrats and royalty where able to afford. It was only in Britain did all members of each class wear some sort of footwear, which helped normalize the wide spread distribution of shoes. During the reign of Louis XIV shoes where decorated with wide buckles and depending on the material used, it showed the world your wealth status. Men also notoriously wore heels during this time, though that was saved for people closer to royalty and high social standards. In the 1780’s men tossed the heel out the window and began wearing styles more closely related to today’s shoes like lace up boots, flat leather dress shoes and various boot styles.

Leather has always been considered a luxurious material and is still used today to make quality men’s shoes. Men’s shoes have been somewhat divided down into a few categories of style; boots, casual, and dress. Boots are usually made for everyday wear and for harsh winters which makes them seem like they’re only good for a year. Unless you buy quality leather boots, you’re probably right. Dress shoes are probably the most versatile in style depending on the individual but a good pair of leather shoes is a definite must.

Paul Evans is a company run by two men who love a good, well made leather shoe but hated the retail experience and price tag that accompanied them. They decided to take matters into their own hands and branch out, creating their own fine leather shoes by partnering with six of the longest standing shoe making families in Italy. By cutting out the middle man, Paul Evans is able to give you a fine, beautiful leather masterpiece at a lower cost than most leather shoe retailers. They offer a variety of beautifully mastered leather crafted to perfection in Naples, Italy with a multitude of styles to fit your needs. They’ve even got a pair of blue leather high-top sneakers if that’s the casual look you love to rock. Regardless of age, a good pair of leather shoes will always be in style.

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Handy Home Cleaning Services-Only the Best

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If you’ve got a busy schedule, like so many of us do, there’s just little or no time to do home cleaning. So what do you do? You hire a home cleaning service.

Home cleaning services are very quickly becoming the wave of the present; there are so many of them, but there is one that stand out far above the rest-Handy Home Cleaning Services.

Handy Home Cleaning Services is a top-tier cleaning company in the cleaning industry; this, like all professions, is a tough, highly-competitive industry, and Handy is a lot tougher. Maybe that’s why it’s so far ahead of its competitors.

It’s founder, Steve Bertoni, according to Forbes Magazine, is one of the top entrepreneurs under 30 to run such a highly successful business, and no wonder, it has such superb service, which of course keeps their valued customers coming back for more and more.

Perhaps you have been looking for a cleaning company that offers reasonable rates that won’t break your wallet or pocketbook. Well, Handy is the place to go when you want professional cleaning services that offers a reasonable and far price range.

Imagine having your entire home cleaned for just $29? ‘That’s hard to believe’, you say, ‘where in the world is anyone going to hire a home cleaning company that offers such a small price?’ Why, Handy Home Cleaning Services, of course.

This is the price that Handy offers to its first-time customers. Again, Handy Home Cleaning Services offers to its first-time customers for $29, in case you find that previous statement hard to believe.

Handy knows that it’s tough in today’s economy just to even make a decent living, besides, it wants to clean your home, not clean out your pocketbook or wallet.

It’s staff is made up of highly-skilled individuals that has all the know-how to clean a home, and they will clean yours in a manner that is nothing short of phenomenal.

So, when you just don’t have the time to do a lot of home cleaning, not because you’re lazy, which, of course, you’re not, but because of your busy schedule you simply don’t have the time. You may work on a job that leaves you literally drained, and by the time you get home, you are too exhausted to do anything, much less clean.

Then that’s when you’re going to need the valuable services of Handy Home Cleaning Services, the top cleaning company out there.

Besides, you work hard all week, so you need some downtime. Why not let Handy do the job and you just relax?

Handy Home Cleaning Services-the fastest-growing cleaning company today. Why not let them show you just how easy it’s done? Once you’ve tried Handy, you’ll never go back.

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Business People


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James Dondero is well known as the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management. He is a highly ranked hedge fund manager who is based in Dallas. Since the formation of Highland Capital in 1993, he has overseen the development of collateralized loan obligation market and pioneered in creating credit oriented solutions for companies and worldwide retail investors. Highland Capital Management on is one of the largest alternative credit managers and investment firm in the world. The firm deals with hedge funds, credit strategies, private equity and collateralized loan obligations among others. With the help of leaders like Dondero who have thirty years of experience in the credit market, the firm is able to succeed.

Mr. James Dondero has a very intensive educational background. He graduated with the highest honors from the University of Virginia where he was undertaking a bachelor’s degree in commerce. He majored in Accounting and Finance. He is also a Certified Management Accountant and has acquired the privileged right to use Chartered Financial Analyst Designation. He began his career in 1984 as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty Training program. He later joined American Express where he was a corporate band analyst and then the manager of the company’s portfolio worth $1 billion. In 1989 he was employed by Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary. Here he served as its chief investment officer and enabled it to acquire growth within a span of five years. He helped raise and manage assets worth $2 billion.

He then started Highland Capital Management with his co-founder Mark Okada in 1990 when the two established a joint business with Protective Life Insurance Corporation mainly focusing on fixed income markets but later evolved into an investment advisor company. Mr. Dondero helped launch the company’s first bank loan fund and establish an alternative investment platform. As the chief executive officer, he was responsible of determining and ensuring execution of investment strategies and operational initiatives of the firm. Throughout his career, the funds under Dondero’s management have received many accolades and awards. These awards include the Morningstar’s 5-star designation in 2014 and the Lipper Award in the same year.

He has decades of management experience in areas such as Mortgage bond securities, emerging market debt, preferred and common stocks, leveraged bank loans, and investment grade corporations. He is associated with award winning products of his company including collateralized loan obligation, hedge funds, mutual funds, institutional separate accounts and REITs among others. He also serves as the chairman of Cornerstone Health, Nexbank and CCS Medical. He is also a board member at American Banknote and at MGM Studios. Mr. Dondero is also involved in philanthropic activities supporting initiatives such as public policy, education and veteran’s affairs. The experience and expertise of Dondero in equity and credit markets plays a great role in the progressive success of Highland Capital Management. This firm currently manages assets that are approximately worth twenty one billion dollars as of March 2015. This success has been attributed to his leadership and experience.

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Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Is A Real Thriller

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If you miss Michael Jackson and want to enjoy his songs and dance moves one more time, then you have to check out Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes. Cortes is by far the most authentic looking and sounding Michael Jackson impersonator anywhere in the world. Born in Barcelona, Spain, he now lives in Brazil and does most of his shows in South America. Many die-hard Michael Jackson fans that have seen Cortes perform say it is worth the trip to South America to see him. They say he moves and sounds so much like Michael it’s uncanny. Cortes leaves audiences screaming, crying, and begging for more.

Sergio Cortes has been impersonating Michael almost his entire life. Born in 1971, the young Cortes saw Michael at the peak of his powers and watched him evolve into the greatest performer in the world. Michael became his idol. He copied his moves and his mannerisms and performed them for friends and family. Word began to get around about how good Cortes could dance. The crowds that would gather to see him do his little impromptu shows began to grow exponentially. He began to get media coverage. Still Cortes was just doing it for fun. Then one of the journalists that saw him perform uploaded a video to the internet and Cortes became an international sensation.

You have to see Cortes perform as Michael Jackson to really appreciate what all the excitement is about. It’s not just that Cortes dresses, dances, and sings like Michael Jackson. He looks just like him. And he has all his life. That is part of the reason he was drafted into the entertainment industry. Still, even today, dancing and singing like Michael is a labor of love for Sergio Cortes. It’s obvious when you see his shows. He puts his heart and soul into his performances. Plus ever since Michael’s passing he almost takes it as his personal responsibility to keep the king of pop’s legacy alive through his shows.

Cortes now does shows all over the world. He is preparing for a major show to be held in Italy. It will feature Cortes backed by a live band, background singers, and a group of dancers. He will perform some of Michael’s classics like Billie Jean, Heal the World, Dangerous, Thriller, and more. It’s a chance for real Michael Jackson fans to enjoy his music one more time.

Finance Gold Investing

Why Investing In Gold Is Not A Dead Cause

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With so many things wrong with the various financial markets and the world economy, it’s hard to believe that gold is a target negatively pounced upon by would-be investors. In the frantic world of derivatives and bad junk-bond investments, gold is receiving a tremendous amount of negative heat from the investing community at large. Some naysayers of the precious metal even go as far as saying that gold is not a viable investment at present.

An incredible statement on its face by these doomsayers, especially considering that many of the world’s economies were once based upon the precious metal, and is still considered valuable by most. Gold has always been considered a hedge against inflation, and many countries around the world even now are stockpiling gold in their financial reserves. The observation of this stockpiling gives even the most naïve person the indication that goal is not as worthless as these pundits might lead individuals to believe.

Experts in the know believe that gold is about to make a big jump pricewise. Intersecting factors in the market, including an upcoming bear rally and a gradual slowing of gold purchasing will combine and result in a significant increase in the purchase price of gold. Experts believe that the price could rise as high as $1250 an ounce or more over the next 6 to 9 months. That increase equates to an 8% to 25% increase over the course of a year.

While gold does fluctuate, it is never completely devalued. And with the ever-changing global economy, the value of gold when compared to the rest of the market remains stable at best. Now, with the markets weakening in different parts of the world, gold will begin to rise in value. And for those staunchly holding gold and gold-based investments, substantial profits are an all too real possibility.

US Money Reserve has been in the gold purchasing and gold coin investment business for years. They are known for their vast knowledge and service, with over 100 individuals ready to help novice investors and seasoned pros alike with gold coin and precious metals investment products. The company has a wide selection of gold coins to choose from all parts of the world, including pieces minted by authorization of the U.S. Congress. Whatever your level of investing experience, US Money Reserve has something to help you get to the next investing level.

While there appears to be more bad things than good happening right now in the financial markets, we don’t have to be party to the negative side of these events. By preparing for the worst, and utilizing investment and hedge instruments such as gold, we can protect ourselves from future financial calamities. The experts at US Money Reserve have extensive knowledge and can give you the best advice to securing your gold purchases and planning for growth and stability long into the future.

Human Rights

A Basic Human Right

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Many people in the 21st century enjoy the finest things life can offer. Clean drinking water, indoor facilities, warm food, a constant connection to electronics, and not having to worry about an oppressive government, are just a few things people in 1st world countries take for granted. Sadly, in other parts of the world the lives of others are in a much worse state of affairs. Fear of war, disease, and a constant state of oppression loom over people like phantom reminders of their country’s struggles. These people are the reasons, others whether from similar parts of the world, or people from lives who heard the call to action, decide to go forth and become human rights activists.
With the declaration of the Human Rights Defenders Declaration formed by the United Nations in 1998, the world has made strides to accept the universal rights all humans possess. This declaration helps aid activists in efforts to protect them. While the idea and generally consensus is human rights activists are in the right for trying to help underprivileged people the governments in control of these lands tend to feel differently. The people in power fear the efforts of human rights activists who attempt to give struggling citizens the knowledge and to retrieve help they so desperately need. But many of these activists know the struggle of being without the basic rights all human beings deserve. One such activist, Yeonmi Park, is a former citizen of North Korea. A defector, this woman has made it her mission to help those still trapped.
Born in North Korea, Park’s father was a civil servant and her mother was a nurse for the North Korean Army. In early 2000 Park’s father became a business man and the moved to Pyongyang. Shortly after her father was arrested and tried for illegal business activities. Yeonmi’s father was tried and sentenced to hard labor for his perceived actions. This is not the first injustice Park had experienced in under North Korea’s oppression. After watching the international movie Titanic, Park came to the realization how oppressive her country’s government truly was. Worse still, a family friend was arrested and executed for watching a movie that was against the North Korean laws. After her father had served his sentence and returned home, there was a unanimous decision to escape. With the help of brokers Park and her family escaped to China.
Since escaping Park has written several pieces and worked to help spread word on the plight in North Korea. Tirelessly Yeonmi Park on nknews works at present as a human rights activist. It is these people who spread the idea that all humans deserve basic rights.


Social App Skout Aquires, Integrates Nightlife App Nixter

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Skout, the location-based social networking and dating app, purchased the nightlife app Nixter in May 2014. The move came as both apps were looking for ways to expand their current services, connect with more members and connect more members to each other, and monetize those services. Nixter remained its own separate brand, but was heavily integrated in Skout’s platform.

The purchasing price was undisclosed, according to the article announcing the sale, but was reportedly a mix of cash and stock-options.

Skout on prnewswire was originally founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, the company’s chief executive office and chief technology officer, respectively. Originally intended as a mobile social network, the app relaunched in 2009 as a dating service, in response to use patterns. The app uses global-position satellites to allow users to find other users close to them, although the GPS only gives approximate locations (no more specific than a one-mile radius) and users may opt out of the locating service. Once connected, users are able to view other users’ profiles and recent activity, as well as share instant messages and purchase “virtual gifts.” The app is split into two categories, Teenager and Adult. The teen app does not use the GPS technology, and allows teens to connect with other users no less than one-hundred miles away. These security measures were put into place in 2012, after the app was linked to the assaults of three teenager. Skout, which received $22 million in funding in 2012, is available in 180 countries and in 14 languages. In 2013, users made 500 million connection with the app.

Nixter was founded in 2008, in Santiago, Chile, by two pairs of brothers. The app helps its users find events in their area, and also allows them to buy tickets and see guest lists. The app is currently operating in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. There were other companies interested in purchasing their app, but the brothers were concerned with losing their autonomy. Enter Skout, which was looking to integrate rather than subsume. The fit was right and the deal was made.

Together, the apps hope to be able to connect people around the world not only with each other, but with something fun to do tonight. With Skout’s user database and GPS-system, Nixter is able to reach not only more people, but to reach them more effectively. The two apps are partnering with event hosts, such as nightclubs, taking a small fee for every user delivered to the event. But, there is potential to do much more. Targeted advertising – an ad for a specific alcohol, for example, if the app knows a user has just entered a night club – is an area where the apps are looking to grow.

Notre Dame Players Sports News

Matt Landis Returns To Notre Dame looking To Go One Better Than Last Season

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matt landis lacrosse
The University of Notre Dame has seen great excitement across its campus as a number of sports began their seasons or began practice sessions for the new season. The University of Notre Dame recently reported the men’s lacrosse team reported to practice as the football team began their season with victory over Texas. The lacrosse squad has seen the arrival of a number of new faces and returning veterans to the practice field as the squad and coaching staff hope to build on a second successive semi-final loss in the national championship playoffs.

Alongside the many freshman who arrived to take up their role within the lacrosse squad, a number of well known faces also returned in a bid to build upon their experiences of last season. One player who will be integral to the success of the Irish in the coming season is popular defenseman Matt Landia, a Pelham, New York native who is now rated as one of the top players in college lacrosse. Despite appearing for the Irish from his freshman year onwards, last season could safely be called a breakthrough year for Landis after he found himself nominated for a number of national awards.

matt landis yellow

Matt Landis also found himself awarded the prestigious Lacrosse Magazine player of the week last season, which is rare for a defensive player to receive in a sport where offense is highly valued. Balancing his studies at the Notre Dame’s Mendoza Colege of Business and his lacrosse duties have seemed simple for Landis as he even manages to find the time to complete his assignments as a part-time model.

matt landis part time model

The squad sees a number of the defensive unit headed by Matt Landis returning to the school and lacrosse field, but the addition of a number of freshmen should also see the chance to improve on last year’s semi-final finish in the NCAA Lacrosse Championship. Experienced players have so far been working with the freshmen in a bid to improve their schools to meet the college level required in lacrosse, which also provides the new and older players with the opportunity to build bonds that will serve them well in the coming season.

matt landis msg varsity


New York Real Estate: Big Opportunities in Big Apple

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For investors, owning a property in Big Apple is one of the defining moments of their real estate career. The Real Deal’s US Real Estate Showcase & Forum in Shanghai provided opportunities for Chinese investors to ease the transition process by investing in their dream property in New York City. What makes New York City different from all other mega-cities is the city’s potential to sustain its economy in the most difficult times.

According to the CEO of Naftalli Group, it is the only city where the demand for NYC real estate is always constant irrespective of economic troubles. Fredrik Eklund of Douglas Elliman broker reiterated the charm of Big Apple by making sure that potential investors contribute to the third-wave of development phase in New York City. Fredrick insists that it is the right time for Chinese investor to take part in the frenzy where developers are creating most innovative architectural gems in the city. The view was also shared by Jonathan Simon, CEO of Simon Baron Development, who insisted that New York City has become one of the safest cities to live in the United States. He was referring to the cleanup drive by city authorities during recent years making Big Apple safer for its residents. Similarly, Stephen Kliegerman from Halstead Property Development Market commented on the charm of investing outside Manhattan. He insisted that Brooklyn and other boroughs of New York City are becoming a Mecca for Chinese buyers who have a price-point in their mind, but also need the highest value for their money. For price sensitive Chinese buyers looking to invest anywhere between $800,000 and $2 Million, Brooklyn and adjacent areas around Manhattan offer greater opportunities.

The conversation was moderated by TRD’s Editor-in-Chief, Stuart Elliott, who talked about the transition process. He suggested that it may be difficult for Chinese investors to get immediate high-percentage financing; therefore they must have a lot of cash in their hands. On a positive note, he claimed that New York regulatory authorities have worked with New York’s Attorney Office to enforce real estate laws. Apart from the inventive described at the Forum, Chinese investors can easily access a wealth of information by consulting renowned local firms such as Town Residential Inc. specializing in luxury residential sales. Their town-representatives can touch on any price-point in the city.

This is a summary of the original article published at The Real Deal.